COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Plan - ViolinSchool [UPDATED]

Updated: March 17, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Plan - ViolinSchool [UPDATED]

Updated Tuesday 17th March, 06:00 GMT

To avoid any disruption to your learning, ViolinSchool has prepared a robust continuity plan for the school's operations during the current pandemic.

Our main online school is unaffected by the current situation. Our team and operations are fully remote and geographically distributed. We do not anticipate any changes to service.

In response to increased demand, we are rapidly accelerating our development plans for online learning. We will be extending our program of live classes to be fully available online. We have recently introduced online live classes for all learners who have full enrolment to any course (including courses at our London school).

Effective immediately, our London team is being redeployed to online learning development. In the coming days, we will recommence daily blog and social media updates, and weekly email updates.

Please stay tuned for more news about these changes...

And ... if you have cause to self-isolate, or are quarantined with your violin, please remember it is not healthy to practice for more than 20 hours per day! 🙂


ViolinSchool London

At our London school, all courses are now available as hybrid offline-remote classes, so learners have the option to attend classes in person or online. We are working with our venue partners to rapidly improve connectivity and increase upload speeds in time for the Summer Term.

UPDATE - Tuesday 17th March: After careful consideration of a wide range of sources, including UK Government advice, we have concluded that it is not adequately safe to continue running our programs in London at this time. Therefore, the last two weeks of the New Year Term 2020 at our London school will be delivered online.

We are making the following immediate program adjustments, which may change further at short notice:

1) From 17th March until the end of the New Year term, all tuition programs, classes and courses will now run online-only. Please do not come to Pimlico or Victoria. Class times and webconference join links will be detailed on this page: Online Class Times

2) The Beginner Violin Class on Monday 23rd March (6.30pm) will now take place online-only for learners who already have a violin, and are able to tune it themselves in advance of the class. All learners (including participants attending digitally on Monday 23rd) are offered a complimentary transfer to another London Beginner Class, at a future date of your choice. Please contact [email protected] to request your rescheduled class time.

3) All other Classes and Courses will take place at the usual time/day, using Zoom videoconference software. Please download the Zoom app to your computer, phone or tablet in advance of your class. You will need to tune your violin before the class begins. If you are new to online learning, please reference these two help articles:

a) Class Preparation: How to Prepare for a Webcam Violin Lesson

b) Tuning: How to Tune a Violin

4) Regrettably, Saturday ViolinHub Ensemble sessions (4.15pm to 5.45pm) on March 21st and 28th are cancelled, therefore all online Saturday tuition/events will now finish when Online Course D/E ends at 3.45pm. e-Biscuits will be made available via email upon request 🙂

5) We are however putting together an exciting new program of online e-Workshops and Webinars, with new guest tutors and presenters!

  • ALL these sessions will be available at no cost to all full-enrolment learners, including premium events.
  • MOST sessions will also be available free to VS members/subscribers.
  • SOME sessions will be available free to everyone via ViolinSchool's YouTube Channel.

We're super excited about this opportunity, and are working hard to bring these digital events to you as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned to the ViolinSchool Blog and your email for more information!

6) The Easter concert at 2.30pm on Saturday 4th April will be replaced by a special Pre-Recorded Video Event (details to be announced!), which will premiere live on the ViolinSchool YouTube channel at 7.30pm (London Time) on Saturday 4th April. Enrolled learners, you will receive an email with instructions about what to practice, and what you need to record!

7) Additionally, New Year Term course participants are invited to take part (at no cost) in our Summer Concert on Saturday 11th July (2.30pm at Westminster City School).

8) ViolinSchool London will be closed for Easter Break from 5th to 17th April. No events or tuition take place during this time.

9) We are planning for the Summer Term to begin as scheduled w/c 20th April. Introductory day for new learners is on Saturday 18th April.

We encourage London learners to enrol before Sunday 5th April to benefit from Summer Term Earlybird tuition rates!

10) All Summer Term courses will continue to be available online as well as offline, to provide maximum flexibility to learners.

11) London Learners will be able to transfer to an online enrolment at any time (there is no cost difference).

12) In the event of any disruption continuing beyond Easter, all tuition in London will continue as outlined above, for as long as is required. We will revert to normal offline schedules as soon as it is possible to do so.

13) The ViolinSchool & Violin Orchestra Summer Concert will take place on Saturday 11th July, 2.30pm at Westminster City School in London. This event will be streamed live online.

14) The Summer Violin Orchestra project will be fully digitised and online participation will be available (full details to be announced soon). These digital innovations have been long-planned, in order to facilitate participation by international members of our community. But we feel it is especially important to introduce these digital options at this time.

15) The proposed Big Violin Weekend (17th-19th July) has been postponed until 2021.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via [email protected] or +44 (0) 20 3051 0080.

At an unsettling time of change, the solace brought by music can be deeply inspiring and empowering. We wish you many happy hours playing your violin in the days and weeks ahead!

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