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The Violin Guide

The ViolinSchool Violin Guide was designed to be your roadmap to violin playing success. It's a proven, tested 'pathway' for your learning.

The Violin Guide steps are separated into 'Terms', but there's no set time for you to complete teach 'Term'. Just go at the speed that works for you - but be sure to go slow enough that you have time for all the info to sink into your brain over several weeks or months! Remember also that some topics of violin playing are never really 'finished'.

You’ll work on a few of the later Terms (like intonation, playing with others, and musical expression) for as long as you are playing the violin.

  • Introduction to The Violin Guide
  • Get Set Up — The Violin & Bow
  • Reading Music — Know the Notes
  • Term 1 — The Essentials
  • Interlude — Your Learning Plan
  • Term 2 — How To Practise
  • Interlude — Building a Repertoire

    Coming Spring 2017:
  • Term 3 — The Right Hand & Arm
  • Term 4 — The Left Hand & Arm
  • Term 5 — Bringing It All Together
  • Term 6 — Preparing To Perform
  • Term 7 — Playing With Other People
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