April to July 2021

Term begins on Saturday 19th April.
Late enrolments are available until Tuesday 4th May, subject to availability

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Booking Now Open for Course D!

In-person classes begin 16th January via Zoom


The new version of Courses A, B, C and D have been completely updated during Summer 2020 by Simon and Caroline. Simon and David will be introducing these new lessons weekly during Autumn 2020.

Course D material is distributed weekly via PDF, or printed sheets for in-person participants. This will also bring you completely up to date with the new lessons from the previous course!

All ViolinSchool courses are fully guaranteed - if after the first week of the course you decide that it is not right for you, we will make it right or refund you in full!

Coursebook & Guarantee

Course Fee

Term registration for Intermediate Course D is USD $470 or EUR £380 or GBP £350 (instalment payments are available). This fully inclusive term fee includes:

•        Intermediate Violin Course D (Online)
•        Course D Weekly Practice Sessions (on Zoom)
Up to 3 Video Reviews or 121 Coaching Calls
•        All Course Material PDFs for remote learners
•        All Digital Library Resources
•        All Class & Course Replays
•        End of Term Livestream on Saturday 27th March 2021

For in-person learners in London, your enrolment also gives you unlimited access to all ViolinHub Sessions including the Ensembles, Workshops, Events and the Violin Orchestra.

Ensembles sessions run for 90 minutes every Saturday, after the end of the Course D class, with Simon Hewitt Jones and David Worswick. 

There is no extra course fee - when you register for Course D, access to all Ensembles and events is automatically included.

Although all sessions are delivered via Zoom, we also welcome in-person participants to the Saturday sessions which are relayed live from Central London -- you are welcome to join us if you are visiting London / the United Kingdom!


Please click here to register for the Intermediate Course D, or contact us on or +44 (0) 20 3051 0080 if you have any questions!


Like all ViolinSchool courses, Course D is holistic in approach, and as well as core technique and repertoire, will cover the skills of sight-reading, music theory and note-reading, improvisation, and group playing.

Each session begins with a brief warm up, to include a wide variety of scales and arpeggio exercises, we'll study any new technical concepts that are needed for the pieces that we are going to learn.

In Course D, the Topics and Repertoire that we learn will be drawn mostly from Level 2 (and a bit of Level 3) of the ViolinSchool Curriculum.

What You'll Learn

You've got the hang of the basics, you can play fluently in first position with a good sound, and you're more or less in tune... most of the time!

So, what comes next?

On the one hand, you want to keep improving what you can already do... to make it more accurate, and more consistent. On the other hand, you want to forge ahead and learn new repertoire, new styles, new techniques, and new musical experiences.

Without a map, it's easy to get lost along the way. And the gradient has to be right. If you tackle repertoire that's too hard too soon, then you'll get frustrated... and lose motivation. And if you don't move quickly enough through new challenges, then you'll become bored... and lose motivation too!

A Smooth Sequence

As our Beginner Violin Courses have become established over the past few years, we've helped increasing numbers of people master the basics of violin-playing through carefully structured courses that provide a step-by-step sequence of skill acquisition.

It's now become obvious that we need to offer a similarly smooth sequence to help players who already have 1-3 years of experience, to work towards an advanced level!

For this reason, we're delighted to introduce 10-Week Intermediate Course D, which runs on Saturdays during term time (with an optional Zoom practice session on Thursdays).

Experience & Consistency

Intermediate Course D builds on the topics covered in the Beginner Course sequences (Course A, B and C), but also revises much of the knowledge you've already learnt.

Although we move sequentially through the material each term, every class is different, so if you're exploring a topic for the second or third time you'll come across new perspectives and insights, and become even more familiar with topics that you already know well.

It's extremely important to explore topics several times times, and in different ways. Some violin techniques are complex, so although a one-off class might be enough to gather information, it's not enough to truly understand, implement and internalise ideas ... so that you can play freely, and make music without worrying about technique.

For this reason, our Intermediate courses are designed to carefully consolidate fundamental topics, as well as introduce new, more advanced techniques such as shifting and positions, vibrato, and more.

Comprehensive Training For Violinists Serious About Growth and Development

All sessions delivered LIVE via Zoom, and recorded for replay. Learn according to your schedule and timezone!

Interactive Practice Sessions (60min) every Thursday via Zoom

start time: 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT

Instructional Classes* (90min) every Saturday via Zoom

start time: 9.15am EST / 2.15pm GMT

*relayed live from our school in London, England. In the UK? Join us in person!

  • Transposition
  • Rhythms
  • Shifting
  • 3rd Position
  • C, G and D Scales in 3rd Position
  • Shifting between different fingers
  • 2nd Position / F Major
  • Finger Pattern 3 in 4th Position
  • Finger Pattern 4 
  • B Major in 2 Octaves
  • Improvisation

Topics will Include:

The Intermediate Violin Course D leads on directly from our A, B and C Beginner Violin courses. If you haven't already learned with ViolinSchool, then to join the Intermediate Courses D, you'll need to be able to read music and play fluently in the first position.

If you're unsure, consult the ViolinSchool Curriculum (or see below), and compare it to your current experience. And then if you're still unsure, contact us for advice!

Request a Free Consultation

If you are new to ViolinSchool, you are most welcome to schedule a free consultation with one of the Coaching team (we usually do this via Zoom, Skype or Facetime).

Just send us a message using the button below, and we will arrange a time for either Marisol, Simon, David or Caroline to connect with you, informally assess your current experience level, recommend the best next steps for your learning, and answer any questions you may have about the cour

Is This Right For Me?

Course Structure

The new version of Intermediate Course D runs on a 10-Week schedule at the following times (please remember to convert these times for your timezone!):

Interactive Practice Sessions (60min) every Thursday via Zoom

start time: 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT

you are also encouraged to join in with Course C practice - starts 1 hour earlier!

Instructional Classes* (90min) every Saturday via Zoom

start time: 9.15am EST / 2.15pm GMT

followed by Ensembles session - play and explore string music repertoire!

If you are in a West Coast / Pacific time zone, sorry the Saturday instructional classes are extreeeemely early in the morning ... but if you're not an earlybird don't worry - ALL sessions are recorded for replay, so you can catch up in your own time. We are planning to introduce additional times for instructional classes later in 2021!

For the New Year Term 2021, dates run as follows:

Practice sessions (Thursdays): Weekly every Thursday from 7th January onwards. You'll find the Zoom link in the Calendar section of the website (make sure to log in to see the zoom link!)

Instructional classes (Saturdays): Weekly on Saturdays, on the following dates:

Week 1: Saturday 16th January

Week 2: Saturday 23rd January

Week 3: Saturday 30th January

Week 4: Saturday 6th February

Week 5: Saturday 13th February

Half Term - No classes! - Ensembles session only (time tbc) on Saturday 20th February

Week 6: Saturday 27th February

Week 7: Saturday 6th March

Week 8: Saturday 13th March

Week 9: Saturday 20th March

Week 10: Saturday 27th March

End of Term Livestream: Saturday 27th March 2021 - Live on YouTube

This will be a live webcast, and remote participants will be able to interact with the livestream... details to follow!

Course Structure

Summer Term dates are about to be updated here! Term begins week of 19th April 2021

Repertoire Includes:

Repertoire will include many classic pieces from the Violin repertoire, as well as famous melodies and original music. The repertoire is continually refreshed, so if there's a piece you particularly want to learn, then please request it ... then we can be sure it is programmed for the class that you are definitely attending! 

Here's a selection of the music that is likely to be included in Course D (subject to change!)

Bach Minuet - Devil Among The Tailors - Fiddler on the Loose - Shenandoah - Trumpet Minuet - Oh Susannah - Bring Me Sunshine - La Réjouissance - Greensleeves - Gavotte ... and many more!

  • Composition
  • Bb Major in 2 Octaves
  • D Major in 2 Octaves
  • B, Bb and D Major Arpeggios
  • Off the String Bowings
  • B Minor in 2 Octaves
  • D Minor in 2 Octaves
  • G, D and A Chromatic Scales
  • The Blues Scale
  • Modulation

This is the international / remote learning version of this Course, but it's also available in person at our London school.

Your Tutors

David Worswick

Simon Hewitt Jones

Before joining ViolinSchool, David was a first violinist in the London Symphony Orchestra, with whom he performed all over the world with many famous conductors and performers in most major concert halls.

David is also a composer and pianist, and the creator of many of ViolinSchool's books, online courses, and sheet music.

website coming soon

Simon has performed worldwide as a violinist, in a wide and eclectic range of styles, genres and formats, including session recording, TV and Radio, classical recording, orchestra, solo and chamber music concerts.

Simon is the Director of ViolinSchool, and leads the writing and research of our learning and coaching programs.

Simon and David have collaborated together since meeting in 2001 at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England. They toured extensively as artists for Live Music Now, won a BBC Premiere award for their debut chamber music recording, and run a private teaching practice together at their studio in Westminster, London.

New! Here's What We Did Last Term ...

In December 2020, we brought together violinists from all the different Courses that we run, for a special Livestream event.

It was anchored from London, but featured violin performers from all around the world (including from the beginner courses), who pre-recorded their parts then joined in via Zoom!

We'll be doing this again soon ... you could take part too!

 Check out the video replay show, to get a taste of what you'll be able to do once you complete your course!