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We can't wait to see you at THE INTONATION CLINIC as we chide the depths of everybody's favourite topic... !!!   :)

- Simon & David

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What We'll Learn

Topics we'll be covering include:

> Pitch Awareness

> Pitch Standards

> Musical Temperament

> Aural/Physical Memory Connections

> Listening Skills & Audiation

> Practice Exercises

> The Intonation Checklist

> Pitch Adjustment & Correction

> Intonation and Harmony

> Intonation and Left Hand Technique

> Intonation and Shifting / Positions

Play in Tune.

Really in Tune.


with Simon Hewitt Jones and David Worswick

Saturday 24th February, 2018


What We'll Do

How to play in tune! The knowledge, the methods, the strategies, the exercises, the well-kept secrets - all you need to radically improve your intonation!

Simon Hewitt Jones and David Worswick will lead this practical and wide-ranging 4-hour workshop, in which we'll be exploring many crucially important topics that you need to know in order to play in tune... accurately, consistently, and forever!

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