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Lesson: Introduction for Parents

For Parents and Teachers

The emphasis is on singing, rhythm and note recognition

Through the 'Bugs' Course, children will develop:

  • Creative thinking by imaginative play and interaction with

note characters and their rhythms

  • Freedom of expression through movement and dance


  • Co-ordination and movement skills through pulse e.g. Clapping rhythms

of Alfi-ie Ant and friends, stepping to a ‘slow’ beat, marching to ‘quick quick’ and jogging to ‘semiquaver’


  • Listening skills by learning to follow the voice, percussion instrument or

piano and listening to a wide variety of music


  • Response skills by following instructions such as ‘stand up tall, curl up

small’, ‘tip toe high, bend down low’, ‘stretch up high, go to sleep’


  • Rhythm recognition by use of Rhythm Cards, Sets 1 - 4
  • Note recognition by use of the Note characters


  • Pitch skills through:

- Introduction of sung words & phrases ‘Hello my name is’ ‘Stand up, sit down’

- Use of Curwen hand signs


  • Manual dexterity through action songs and exploring percussion
  • Literacy and numeracy skills through songs covering topics such as colours, numbers, animals, actions, school, alphabet and so on.


  • Confidence though performing and playing
  • Social skills through playing and working together with other children
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