Beginning Your Search: Adult Learners

Beginning Your Search: Adult Learners

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If you’re going to learn the violin, then... well, you need a violin! You’ll also need a bow, and a couple of essential accessories as well.

Now, this is where things can get a little overwhelming.

There are well over a million violins made each year around the world. Every instrument is a little different, and every single one - even the mass-produced beginner instruments from the big violin factories in China - can be customised according to what each player wants.

And that’s where it’s easy to get hung up on the details...

Like with any collectable, true violin geeks can spend literally *years* of their lives discussing the intricacies of different types of string, the positioning of the bridge, or the quality of the bow hair. Or a million other little details.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with becoming a violin instrument geek! But it’s all too easy to become ultra-focused on the equipment, when you could be spending that time honing your technique.

So our fundamental aim in this ‘term’ is to get you set up with an instrument that is ADEQUATE FOR YOUR NEEDS RIGHT NOW.

Not perfect... adequate.

Because when you start to feel that your creative expression is being limited by your existing violin... well, that’s the time to start thinking about upgrading to a ‘better’ instrument!


If you’re already an advanced player, you’re going to have more demanding requirements than if you’ve only been playing for a year or two. Or if you’re just starting out, then you really only need a basic instrument for now, whilst you learn how the fundamentals techniques work.

But regardless of your experience level, there are a handful of things that you’ll need to consider each time you start the search for a new instrument.

This 'Getting Set Up' course will take you through some of the most common factors.