Building & Using Checklists

Building & Using Checklists

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When practising the violin, we recommend using three main checklists to ensure that your posture is correct: Full Body, Right Hand/Arm and Left Hand/Arm. We also strongly recommend that you create your own checklists when learning new topics. This will really help you to internalise new knowledge.

Here are the '3 Important Checklists' that we recommend to use as a reminder for how to position your body, and make sure you have a good posture at all times.

The first checklist is for your body; the second is for your right arm and hand, and the third is for your left arm and hand. We'll look at the second two checklists in more depth later on; for now, just focus on your body posture.

We recommend printing out these checklists and placing them somewhere where you always see them, such as in the area where you do most of your practice... that way you'll always be reminded how you should be standing, each time you pick up the violin and get ready to play!