Online Class Times

New Year Term 2020

We're pleased to introduce a new listing of Online Class Times, which you will find below.

Please note:

  • Classes - This page will list all upcoming classes that are available online. This currently includes all classes from our London school. We are also looking into providing additional online-only classes in the future. Week 8-10 class links will be added in the next few days.
  • Access - Online classes are available for all enrolled Learners. (Non-enrolled members have access to online courses and library, but will need to upgrade to an enrolment to access live classes).
  • Software - For the time being, all classes will take place using Zoom videoconferencing software.
  • Passwords - Week 7 classes do not require a password - you can just click the link to join the session. If we later introduce password access, you will find the relevant codes within your member dashboard area when you log in to
  • Class Recordings - We are looking at options for making class recordings available for a number of days after each session; we will update you about this as soon as we can.
  • Audio/Video - We are continuing to make arrangements for upgrading our webconference equipment, improving audio/video connections, and increasing latency.

We are excited to finally be expanding our program of live classes, and look forward to seeing you online! Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Week 10

Monday 23rd March, 2020
18:30 GMT / 15:30 EST - Adult Introductory Beginner Class

Wednesday 25th March, 2020
20:00 GMT / 16:00 EST - Adult Beginner Violin Course A:

Thursday 26th March, 2020
18:30 GMT / 15:30 EST - Adult Beginner Violin Course A:
20:00 GMT / 16:00 EST - Adult Beginner Violin Course B:

Saturday 28th March, 2020
09:00 GMT / 05:00 EST - Adult Beginner Violin Course A:
10:30 GMT / 06:30 EST - Parent & Child Beginner Violin Course A (then B):
12:30 GMT / 08:30 EST - Adult Beginner Violin Course C:
14:15 GMT / 10:15 EST - Adult Beginner Violin Course D/E:

Easter Web Event - Saturday 4th April

On Saturday 4th April, ViolinSchool will be hosting a PREMIERE on our YouTube Channel at 7.30pm London time (3.30pm EST), featuring performances from the New Year Term. Check in again soon for more details!


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