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Online Learning for String Instruments

We will be adding to this microsite DAILY as the pandemic develops, to give you the very best and latest guidance on how to adapt your teaching and learning. Don't forget to bookmark the home page of this microsite for all the latest updates!

Yes, You Can Learn Online!

Playing a string instrument is a complicated and physical activity, so some people are at first reluctant to learn online. But when done right, online learning works really well for string instruments!

Of course, it's different to learning offline. But there are some interesting benefits too. In fact, at ViolinSchool, we've always recommended a blend of EVERY learning type; online, offline, one to one, group, ensemble, and orchestra ... each learning style has its own benefit, and you'll be surprised how helpful it can be to introduce online tools and resources into your learning ... even after this pandemic is over!

We are gathering resources on this page to Learners prepare for - and get the most out of! - learning online.

Teachers: We recommend forwarding this page to your students.
Parents: Please use the resources here to help support both your child AND your child's teacher.
Learners: The information on this page will help you to make the most of learning online with your teacher.

Preparing for Online Learning

How to Prepare for a Webcam Lesson
General advice about equipment, getting set up, and making sure that you are prepare to take a lesson with your teacher online using a webcam.

Technology & Software

We will be adding further guidance here about how to set up your devices.

You will need either a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop or desktop computer. If you don't have these, then some participation is still possible by phone depending on the services you use.

Communications software that your teacher or school may be using is likely to be one of the following:

All of these will require you to make a free download, usually of an app or a small piece of software.

Zoom -
Group webconferencing. This has suddenly become a popular solution, especially because of the ability to change the audio settings to improve the sound of musical instruments.

Skype -
Video chat. Suitable for both one to one and groups (using the 'Meet Now' function)

Facetime -
Video chat for Apple / iOS platforms (e.g. iPhone, iMac)

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything using the form below! We have a team of experts standing by, ready to help. Frequently Asked Questions will be added to a list here in the coming days.

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