Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching


Having the right knowledge, tools and resources for learning the violin is crucial. But most of us also need accountability and personal support to achieve our goals.

ViolinSchool Coaching gives you direct support from the team here at as you take your Course. You'll get personalised support and feedback whenever you need it ... to make sure you achieve great results!

A World-Class Team of Experts

When you join ViolinSchool Coaching, you'll have access to our super-experienced Learning Support Team, led by our director Simon Hewitt Jones, whenever you need help or advice.

Between us we have over 4 decades of practical, hands-on experience as educators, performers, and researchers. We've worked at or for many of the world's leading orchestras, universities, music conservatoires, and record labels.

Learning Review & Practice Plan

Once you've registered for ViolinSchool Coaching, you'll fill out a short Learning Review Questionnaire.

From your answers, our Learning Support team will put together a personalised practice plan for you, to help make your violin practice efficient, effective, and fun. You'll get instant clarity on what you need to do to succeed with the violin!

Live Group Classes

Sharing your learning experience with other learners is great for motivation and accountability. Live Zoom classes work surprisingly well for violin, keeping you focused, and connected to the community.
We have a selection of live classes available each week to cover every course level. Schedule doesn't work for your timezone? No problem - replays are available for up to 30 days after the class.

Printed Coursebooks

Each ViolinSchool Course is now accompanied by a gorgeous full-colour printed Coursebook, packed full of famous tunes that are great fun to play, plus tailored activities to help you perfect every key skill.
A Coursebook for your current course is now included in your Coaching Program fee - and we'll ship it to you directly, wherever you are in the world!

Reviews or Coaching Calls

At least once a month during the Term, you'll be able to send in a video and complete a learning review. We'll review your progress, update your learning plan, and help you to stay on track.

If you prefer to speak face to face in real time, choose a 20 minute one to one coaching call via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, with one of our international team of coaches. (Extra coaching time can also be purchased subject to availability).

London Option


For Learners based in the UK, a weekly in-person course option is also available instead of the Video Reviews and Coaching Calls. There's no difference in cost - and for additional 121 guidance, you can purchase extra Video Reviews or Coaching Calls whenever you need them.
For International Learners, you are welcome to come and visit! If your trip to the UK coincides with a Saturday daytime, come to ViolinHub and join in with our popular series of workshops, events, concerts and Violin Orchestra.

Full ViolinSchool Membership

The ViolinSchool Coaching Program INCLUDES full ViolinSchool Membership, so you'll have full access to the Online Courses and the Digital Library - you don't need a separate membership (if you already have a membership, we'll deduct the difference from your coaching fee).

You'll progress through the Online Courses in between your video reviews, and have full access to all the resources in the Library to use in your practice sessions.

Dates and Times

The ViolinSchool Coaching Program runs across three annual 'Terms', beginning September, January and April. See the Term Dates page for the next upcoming dates.

Register Your Interest

We currently have a waiting list for personal coachig. Please email to register your interest!

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