Beginner Violin Course for Adults - Coming Soon!

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Description: Before you pick up the violin for the first time, there are a few 'prerequisites' that you should be aware of! These ideas will give you a clear idea about how think about your body movements - before you even begin to play.

We think they are so important that if you skip over them and don't fully understand why they are necessary, then you will struggle to make a beautiful sound on the violin. So make sure you take the time to understand these ideas carefully!

In this online course we will cover all of the most fundamental topics that you will need in order to create a good sound on the violin. These topics are key ideas which are essential to good violin playing. You will need to come back to them again and again when you are playing.

Duration: 12-20 hours

Objective: Learn the first principles of violin-playing; Play your first and second pieces on the violin.

  • Understand how to use our body and mind effectively
  • Learn some basic techniques
  • Understand how our technique serves the music

Requirement: No experience required. Violin needed from Lesson 5!


In this course, we'll cover the following topics:

Checklists (Building Good Habits) — Establishing Good Posture — Understanding and Minimising Tension — Breathing — Balance — Holding the Violin — Holding the Bow — Tuning the Violin — Using Tuning Apps — How to Make a Sound! — Plucking (Pizzicato) on Open Strings —Recognising the Open Strings (G, D, A, E) on the Stave — Using the Whole Bow (Triangle, Square, Point) — Bowing (Arco) on Open Strings — Up Bow and Down Bow — Knowing the Symbols for Up Bow and Down Bow — Basic String Crossings — Straight Bows—Bowing Patterns with Simple Rhythms on Open Strings — Understanding the Main Note Values and How They Are Notated — Simple Melodies Based on Open Strings — Bow Changes — Basics of Sound Production (Speed, Weight, Point of Contact) — Bow Tilt — Producing a Clear, Pure, Resonant Sound — How to Practise — Preparing For Your First Performance!


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