Violin Orchestra: Summer 2021



Suggested Participation Fee

  • Remote participation: USD $100 / GBP £70
  • In-person participation (Individual): USD $180 / GBP £127
  • In-person participation (Family): USD $220 / GBP £154

Would you like to take part in the Ensembles too?
If so, register for a reduced-rate Term Pass ($300/£200) instead. Then you can participate in the Violin Ensembles, which run weekly at our Saturday ViolinHub.

Participation by Donation
If you would prefer to contribute a different amount to the suggested levels here, please use this form to send your contribution, and then email with your Name, Experience Level and preferred email address, and we will set your account up for you manually.

It is very important to us that cost is not a barrier to participation, and it's our mission to make the Violin Orchestra accessible to as many people as possible - both performers and listeners. If you cannot afford the suggested fees above, please contribute what you can.

If you are able to support other musicians through an extra donation, we greatly appreciate it. 100% of funds raised go towards making the project the best it can possibly be. Thank you for your support!


15 Palace Street
Westminster, London

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