Term Pass

Term Pass

Term Pass is an all-inclusive option for violinists who have already achieved a standard equivalent to Level (Grade) 5 or above, and who want to develop their repertoire, group playing and performing experience.

A Term Pass gives access to ALL live ensemble sessions, workshops, Violin Orchestra sessions and most other events (or reduced member rates for occasional special/premium events).

It also includes Weekly Practice Sessions every Thursday on Zoom, full ViolinSchool Membership (4 months), and full access to all online courses and library resources.

Please note the Term Pass does not include live instructional classes which are part of the course sequence (e.g. Course A, B, C etc.), except for Course D live sessions, which are open to Term Pass holders who have previously completed Course D. All other courses / live classes require a Term Enrolment instead.

Register for a Term Pass

A Term Pass costs USD$440 or GBP£320 per 10-week term. Most terms, we run an early booking period during which time a reduced rate is available.

Direct Booking Link
You can register for a term pass here: https://www.violinschool.com/product/term-pass/

Further Information
Or find out more about here: https://www.violinschool.com/termpass/
(or in-person version at our school in London, England here: https://london.violinschool.com/termpass/)

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