A delightful traditional tune in the key of C major, often known as 'Come Follow Me', which has become a bit of an informal theme tune for us! We'll play it as a 'round' (each player can start at a different time).

What We're Playing

The Violin Orchestra is usually for EVERYONE of every age and level. And as ever, EVERYONE is welcome to take part remotely, by pre-recording and sending in your video(s).

However, just for this project, live participation in London will be limited to violinists who:

a) can comply fully with the restrictions (see below)
b) are over the age of 18, and 
c) are either:

a previous participant of the Violin Orchestra
- a participant in Summer Term 2020 at ViolinSchool
- already known to Simon, David, Matthew, Setareh, Marisol, or any of the ViolinSchool Team (but please contact us first for an invitation, before registering)

This is simply because of the current restrictions, and boring things like health and safety, public liability, and so on. We hope to welcome back our younger members in time for Christmas!


Online Rehearsal (on Zoom):

Date: this Thursday, 9th July 2020.
Time: 7pm (approx 1h 30min)

Live Performance in London: 

Date: this coming Saturday, 11th July 2020.
Start Time: Approximately 2pm... ish.

Pre-Recorded Performance on YouTube

Date: tbc mid-July

physically distanced

walking tour of Westminster

Beethoven's anthemic song from his 9th Symphony, known the world over as an instant mood-enhancer ... Ode to Joy is a stirring melody that can't help but lift the spirits!


A world famous melody that transcends its religious origins through an uplifting message of peace, hope, and faith through troubled times. And it's a damn good tune, too!


The Violin Orchestra Summer Concert

Saturday 11th July 2020, 2pm-ish

You thought we'd cancel it?

support@violinschool.com | +44 (0) 20 3051 0080

Oh... that canon. We'll perform it improv style; you can start with just 8 notes (4 open string notes if you're a beginner!) or the tune, then add whatever you wish so long as it fits harmonically! Tutorial vids inside...



Because this is an absolutely critical moment for those of us who can do so to step up, and create joyous, happy experiences, in order to bring people together again, generate hope and excitement for the future, and use the power of music to remind ourselves and others that none of us is fighting the current challenges alone, and that together as a creative community we are stronger.

And because it's about time we played some live music again :)

Any Questions?

Q: Where can I get the sheet music / backing tracks?
A: They're waiting for you to download on the other side of the registration form. 

You'll be taken to a page where you can download PDFs. You will also find links to playalong tracks on ViolinSchool.com and, for the Pachelbel, tutorial videos.

Q: Do I need to bring music / a music stand?
A: No, we'll be performing without music. This is not a big deal and we'll go through it in detail on Thursday's Zoom call

At the very least, you can just play the Pachelbel Canon (and write the 8 note sequence on your hand to remember it!). Easier than a day trip to Barnard Castle.

Ideally though, try and memorise the melodies from the sheets - use 'distraction techniques' for this (details on the download page after registration)

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: No. But remember to wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes, as we will be walking about two miles whilst we play.

Q: What do I do with my violin case?
A: If you can, put it on your back, with straps. 

If you can't, there will be limited space for some cases to be left in a vehicle, and delivered to the end location. Exceptionally, some storage may also be available at our studio in Victoria.

Please request this by email, in advance. Please do not bring any other bulky bags or equipment that you cannot carry whilst playing.

Q: Why do we have to walk whilst playing?
Out of an abundance of caution we wish to remain fully compliant with Westminster bylaws wherever possible.

An added benefit is that we can reach a larger number of people whilst staying socially distanced. And it's also a nice challenge!

Q: What if it rains?
A: Forecast says it won't. If that changes, we'll get you a better answer to this question!

Q: My question isn't covered here. What should I do?
A: Email your question to support@violinschool.com

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Live Performance in London

We will convene at a meeting point which will be no more than 10 minutes walk from Westminster or St James' Park Tube stations.

Please aim to be at or near either of these stations by 1.45pm. Participants will receive an email by 1.30pm with detailed instructions about where to meet. (If you do not have mobile email, you can request an SMS).

Our performance may (or may not!) cover areas including St James' Park, The Mall, Parliament Square, and Trafalgar Square.

Pre-Recorded Online Performance

This will be premiered on YouTube in mid-July 2020.

Live Audience?

In London:

As of Saturday 4th July, current UK government guidance prohibits gatherings of more than 30 people.

However, as we will be moving location during the performance, we will inevitably pass by other people (at an appropriate physical distance, of course).

It would be very nice if some of these bystanders happened to be known to the performers private gathering participants, and might capture the event on video on their mobile phones...

Is that something that could be discreetly planned in advance? 

You might think that, we couldn't possibly comment.

The Boring Serious Bit

We really want you to be part of our outdoor performance socially distanced private gathering.

But there is nothing more important than health. So if you're not well or showing any symptoms, do not take part

Additionally, it is extremely important that our box-scraping is at all times cogniscant of the following:

Current Government Guidelines
Current Met Police Guidelines

Additionally, we need to keep moving wherever possible in order to remain in compliance with local bylaws. Which is why we will enjoy a nice walk as we play!

Be assured that our 'private gathering' will be organised to the same level of detail that you're used to from Violin Orchestra.

However for obvious reasons, as we are unable to run a 'public event' at this time, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for your participation in this 'private gathering'. 

By taking part in this event you therefore agree that your involvement is entirely at your own risk. 

You further agree that you will adhere strictly to all government mandated guidelines for the duration of the gathering.

Sorry if that sounded a bit strict, but frankly we'll probably all be a few metres apart anyway in order not to poke each other in the eyes with our bows, so it's not a big deal.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES - We will be walking the best part of 2 miles whilst playing, you will need to be OK with this in order to take part.

There will be no dress code - just wear something sensible.

Although for compliance reasons this is a private gathering not an official project, be assured that our usual levels of planning and event management protocol are still being carefully followed.

Because of the nature of the gathering, we will be performing these melodies repeatedly as we walk, 'socially distanced' from each other, through Westminster (yes, we will be playing violins as we walk!).

To provide maximum flexibility during the moving performance, we will be playing each piece repeatedly on loop and there will be the scope for you to improvise and/or play the tune and/or play the harmony part(s), depending on your experience level.

There will be harmonic accompaniment (guitar etc.) as we play the melodies. Advanced players are warmly encouraged to improvise around the chord sequences.

Everything will be explained in full during the Zoom rehearsal on Thursday. Please make sure not to miss the Zoom session! (Or let us know in advance if you absolutely cannot make it).

NOT IN THE UK? CAN'T GET TO LONDON? You can still join us! 

Just take part in the Zoom call on Thursday, then send in a recording of your part(s) - click tracks will be available - by the end of the week.

We'll then put together a virtual performance after Saturday, featuring video from the live event combined with pre-recorded performances from 'virtual' participants. This will premiere on YouTube in mid-July.

Yes, I'm coming to play!

Great! Fill out this registration form, then you'll be taken to the sheet music downloads.

We must cover costs for this performance project private gathering, therefore if you would be able to make a small donation (please £25 if you can), we would be most grateful.

a private outdoor gathering that is not organised by 

for London participants

Fill out my online form.