The 'Wellerman' sea shanty became famous worldwide during 2020, thanks to a series of hit social media videos and an amazingly catchy tune. Now it's time for the violin version!

What We're Playing in Summer 2021

The Violin Orchestra is a unique, friendly group that welcomes EVERYONE, of EVERY age and level, from ANYWHERE!

The Livestream will also feature music from Ensembles and Course participants of ViolinSchool, who will perform a wide variety of pieces before the Violin Orchestra begins.

The Violin Orchestra is run by the team at ViolinSchool. It's conducted by Simon Hewitt Jones, with music arranged by David Worswick.

If you are new to the Violin Orchestra, and want to join in with one of the more complicated parts (Violin 1 or Violin 2), then you can send us a video recording (email [email protected]), so that we fully understand your experience level and recommend a part to you before you join.

All in-person participants under the age of 16 must also be accompanied by an adult.
All remote participants under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult.


Rehearsal Schedule:
(all sessions will be recorded for replay and uploaded to the Social Learning Network so you can use them for practising)

Thursday 24 June 2021 - Sectionals
Venue: Zoom only
Running time: 1 hour per section
Start Times: 

  • Violin 4: 1pm (New York), 6pm (London), 7pm (Berlin)
  • Violin 3: 2pm (New York), 7pm (London), 8pm (Berlin)
  • Violin 2: 3pm (New York), 8pm (London), 9pm (Berlin)
  • Violin 1: 4pm (New York), 9pm (London), 10pm (Berlin)

Saturday 26 June 2021 - Rehearsal 1
Venue: London Pimlico & Zoom - at the 
Running time: 2 hours
Start Time: 11am EDT (New York), 4pm BST (London), 5pm CEST (Berlin)

Saturday 3 July 2021 - Rehearsal 2
Venue: London Pimlico & Zoom - at the ViolinHub
Running time: 2 hours
Start Time: 11am EDT (New York), 4pm BST (London), 5pm CEST (Berlin)

**5th July 2021 - final deadline for pre-recorded audio**

Thursday 8 July 2021 - Final Runthrough
Venue: Zoom only
Running time: 60-90 minutes approx
Start Time: 11am EDT (New York), 4pm BST (London), 5pm CEST (Berlin)


Saturday, 10th July 2021 - CONCERT
Venue: Concert Hall, Pimlico Academy, London, England
Start Time: 5pm BST (running time 90min)

(12pm EDT (New York), 6pm CEST (European time)

Saturday, 7th August 2021 - CONCERT
Venue: St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland
Start Time: 5pm BST (running time 90min)

(12pm EDT (New York), 6pm CEST (European time)

Music Video recording to be confirmed - likely Friday 6th or Sunday 8th in/near Edinburgh, and late July at another venue in Southern England ... depending on where we can find the right boat!

Optional Violin Ensembles - If you are already at a level of Grade 5 or above (with any major exam board), or if you have completed the sequence of ViolinSchool Courses beyond Course C, then you can also take part in the Ensembles if you have a Term Pass! (£200/$300)

Ensembles Rehearsals take place (in London and via Zoom) on the following dates, from 4.15pm to 5.45pm London time. 

(11.15pm-12.45pm New York / 5.15-6.45pm Berlin)

  • Saturday 5th June
  • Saturday 12th June
  • Saturday 19th June

...and Live on YouTube - participate from anywhere!

This beautiful love song is one of the most enduring of Handel's opera arias - with a fantastically memorable tune!


A Viennese classic! And probably one of the most famous Waltzes in the world ... written by Johann Strauss II.


The Violin Orchestra Summer 2021

Saturday 10th July 2021 (London)

Saturday 7th August 2021 (Edinburgh)

YOU can be part of it! Register below...

[email protected] | +44 (0) 20 3051 0080

We'll be adding one more big piece to the orchestra repertoire before the project starts. What will it be? Watch this space ...!


Which Part Do I Play?

All our music arrangements are made especially for the Violin Orchestra, so you can choose which part is best for you.

If you're already an experienced orchestral player, you can choose the Violin 1 or Violin 2 parts, which are comparable to a standard symphony orchestra Violin 1 and Violin 2 part.

If you can play fluently, but don't yet have a lot of orchestra experience then you can choose the Violin 3 part, which uses notes in 1st position only.

If this is your first time playing in an orchestra, then choose the open string Violin 4 part. 

Even if you can already play with the fingers, it'll reduce the amount you have to think about, so you can focus on making music!

Any Questions?

Q: Where can I get the sheet music / backing tracks?
A: They'll be available to you to download from the Social Learning Network during the second week of June. 

You'll also be given ViolinSchool Membership until the end of August, so you can log in and download sheet music, MP3s, backing tracks, digital music player, etc., and also watch or practise along with the rehearsal replays.

Q: I'm participating remotely. How / when do I send in my recording?
A: You can record an audio MP3, or a video - whatever's easist for you. Email it to s[email protected]. Please send it to us by the end of the day on Monday 5th July!

We must have your recording by this date, so that it can be added to the pre-recorded mix track in advance of the live event.


Q: I'm coming to perform in person. Do I need to bring music / a music stand?
A: (London): Yes, you will need to bring your own music stand and music. If this is not possible, let us know in good time and we will try to source extra stands and print music for you.

(Edinburgh): we will confirm music stands nearer the time, but you will need to bring your printed music, yes.

Course participants are encouraged to perform from memory. Ensembles and Orchestra pieces will be performed using sheet music.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Black, with a splash of ViolinSchool colours! (Purple, Red, Gold, Yellow, Grey/Silver, Black, White). 

Q: What time do I need to arrive?
A: Not before midday (unless you're playing in the ViolinSchool Ensembles, in which case not before 10am). Edinburgh soundcheck times will be no earlier than 1pm.

Q: Do we perform standing up, or sitting down?
A: Standing up. But if you need to sit down whilst performing for health reasons
that's OK too - but you must let us know in advance, so the stage manager can prepare a chair for you.

Q: What time is my soundcheck?
A: This will be confirmed to all registered performers by email and on the Violin Orchestra space in the 
social learning network, at least 24 hours before the event.

Q: What do I do with my case/luggage/etc.
A: There will be a dedicated storage area in the venue where you can store your bags during the show.

Q: How many audience / friends / family can I bring?
A: We are limited by Covid-19 restrictions and it will depend on total numbers. We will endeavour to offer one audience place to each performer, and more spaces MAY be available. We will confirm this to you by email and on the social network a few days before the event.

Q: My question isn't covered here. What should I do?
A: Email your question to [email protected]

© ViolinSchool 2022


YouTube / Zoom

The show will be relayed live via ViolinSchool's YouTube Channel. (If you are participating live, you will need to log in via Zoom (the Zoom grid will be merged into the livestream). 

Please note that we will not be able to take most performers' audio feeds live, therefore all remote participants are pre-recording Wellerman and Largo from Xerxes.

London Venue (10th July):

Concert Hall, Pimlico Academy, 36 Lupus St, Pimlico, London SW1V 3AT

Edinburgh Venue (7th August):

St Mary's Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AW

Video Shoot locations:

To Be Confirmed



You can watch both shows live on ViolinSchool's YouTube Channel. The stream will also be relayed on other social platforms, and on www.ViolinSchool.com.

In London and Edinburgh:

We will have a limited number of audience places available, subject to current Coronavirus restrictions. Tickets will be released nearer the time of the events.

Please email [email protected] to request a place on the guestlist, and you'll be the first to know when audience tickets go on sale!

Covid-19 Information

We will be ensuring that the event is delivered in a 'covid-secure' way, and a full event plan will be provided to all participants.

Further details will be updated here and in the Violin Orchestra space on the social learning network, as soon as restrictions have been updated.

Participation in the show is open to all ... the majority of performers will be from the ViolinSchool community, but we also welcome violinists from all over the world who are joining us for the first time!

Once you've registered to take part (signup button is below, at the bottom of this page), you'll have access to the sheet music and rehearsal replays, through ViolinSchool's social learning network.

There are different parts to choose from - from symphony orchestra-standard Violin 1 and Violin 2 parts, to 1st position-only Violin 3 part, and even an open strings-only Violin 4 part!

Read on to find out all about the project, and how you can be part of the show ... !

Yes, I'm coming to play!

We look forward to welcoming you! Choose one of the options below, then click the big red button to register for the project!

The Violin Orchestra is a community project, and we must cover costs whilst making participation accessible to as many people as possible. 

Participation is either by enrolment or donation.


1) Participation by Enrolment at ViolinSchool

Summer Term Pass (Ensembles & Orchestra): 
USD $300 (GBP £200)

This is a reduced rate for participation in the second half of the Summer Term, including all ViolinHubs and Ensembles
(only available until 11th June)

Already enrolled at ViolinSchool? if you are enrolled in the Summer Term on a Course or with a Term Pass, you are already pre-registered for the Violin Orchestra project and you do not need to register here.


2) Participation by Donation

You can take part in the orchestra only (no Ensembles), by making a donation towards the cost of participation. 

Please contribute the suggested amount if you can, as our capacity to subsidise participation is very limited, and we need to cover project costs and prioritise those in genuine need of support. Thank you!

Suggested donation:

  • Remote Participation: USD $100 (approx GBP £70)
  • In-Person Participation (Individual): USD $180 (GBP £127) 
  • In-Person Participation (Family):  USD $220 (GBP £154)

Enrolled Learners (Course A-D, Summer Term) & Term Pass holders: your participation costs are already covered, and you do not need to make a donation towards costs.

100% of all funds go towards production costs, and making the show as spectacular as can be!

for London/Edinburgh participants

How it Works

The event will take place LIVE on YouTube and you can take part from anywhere

You will pre-record your audio part for Wellerman and Largo from Xerxes, then join in with the rest of the show live via Zoom

The video live feed from all remote performers will be merged into the livestream, and the pre-recorded audio will be merged in for the Wellerman and Largo from Xerxes.

If you are on a superfast 5G connection, we will test taking your live audio feed as well - depending on connection speeds, we expect this to become a realistic possiblity in the near future!

Alternatively, come and join us in London (England) and Edinburgh (Scotland)! 

The 10th July show is anchored live from the concert hall at our ViolinHub venue in Pimlico, and the 7th August show from St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Both concerts will feature violinists from the Violin Orchestra performing live onstage (alongside remote participants on a big screen!)

Register Now!

Here's what we got up to last year!

In 2021 you can take part REMOTELY from anywhere ... or join us in London/Edinburgh! Read on to find out how ...

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Summer 2020

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Previous Performances:

The Violin Orchestra

Next project: Summer 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Violin Orchestra Summer Project, including concerts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in London! Read more about what we got up to here:


A highlights video (and the Wellerman music video) will be coming soon! In the meantime, take a look at our other Violin Orchestra videos on the ViolinSchool YouTube page!

The next Violin Orchestra project will take place in Summer 2022.  


Rehearsals: Saturdays 18th & 25th June, 2nd July

LONDON Concert/Livestream: Saturday 9th July 2022

EDINBURGH project TBC: 5th-7th August 2022
(Rehearsals Friday 5th, Performance Saturday 6th, Music Video Shoot Sunday 7th)

Details will be published here soon ... watch this space!

New to the violin orchestra? Read on to learn more about our Summer 2021 project...

Violinists! Read on to find out more about how you can join the Violin Orchestra ... this is the project info for this Summer. The next Violin Orchestra project will take place in June/July 2022 ... come and join us (you can take part from anywhere!).