Perky Pinky

Perky Pinky

Title: Perky Pinky

Description: A cheeky little piece to flex your 4th finger! Fun fact: there are 119 notes in the piece and 62 of them are played with the 4th finger. Make each one count!

Level: Level 3, Level 4

Topics: 4th Finger

This piece, as well as being a cheekily catchy tune, is great for strengthening the little finger, and improving the action as it lifts and drops.

In some passages of the piece (e.g. bars 1 & 2, 9 & 10, 21 & 22) the 4th finger should remain pressed down on the string, firm and stable but not overly tense, never squeezing, never clenching.

For the brisker quaver passages (e.g. bars 3, 11, 23) the little finger should lift and drop really quickly, free and supple, pinging up and down with ‘electricity’.

And, in bars 17-20, the 4th finger needs to hop nimbly across the string, well-coordinated with the bow and with as little gap in the sound as possible. Think of it like the quicksilver hop of a frog across lily pads! If it feels extra difficult performing this action with the 4th finger (which it undoubtedly will!), then try it with the other fingers and then ‘transpose’ that same feeling into the pinky!

A note should never suffer because it is being played with the 4th finger! So, every time you use it, give yourself a little inner boost of confidence, and be proud of your pinky!

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