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Here's a short film featuring some of ViolinSchool's learners, answering the question "Why do you play the violin?"

We Are Human!

We love technology. We use technology. We think technology makes learning easier, and better.

But we are not technology.

At ViolinSchool, there's always a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced violinist on call to help you with your learning.
Call or email us any time! 7 days a week, we're here to help you learn. support@violinschool.com

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For All Ages

Adult Learners

High quality learning for violinists of all ages ... it's never to late to learn!
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Parents & Children

Clear, helpful curriculum and courses to give your child the best start on the violin
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Younger Learners

Sequenced learning for ages 13 to 18, to help you become the best you can be!
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Teachers & Schools

Teacher Training, CPD, Curriculum Design, Printed Coursebooks, and Teaching Resour
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For All Experience Levels


Our 5 steps for starter violinists will get you the best possible start on the violin!
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Learn the fundamentals of good violin playing, and play simple tunes
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Get back into playing ... your musical knowledge is there, so it's easier than you think!
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Consolidate your technique, build new skills, and start explanding your repertoire
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Reach a high level of technical precision and learn advanced skills & repertoire. Develop your skills to a high level across all key areas: musical, technical and performance training.
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All the top sports players have coaches, so why not top musicians too? Self-reflect on what you already do, stay in tip-top shape, and maintain peak performance - whatever your next big challenge.
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The most effective teachers are also inquisitive learners, committed to getting better - forever! Our Teacher Training Course and CPD events will help you continually reinvent your skillset for the future.
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Learn From Anywhere


A carefully sequenced series of online Courses that will take you from first-time beginner to intermediate to advanced player ... and beyond!
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A digital library full of high quality learning resources - interactive sheet music, backing tracks, checklists, exercises, and more!
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Personalised support whenever you need it from our friendly team of expert coaches.
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Live Zoom classes for your level. Join our expert coaching team and special guests. Replays available!
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When you join ViolinSchool, you become part of a growth-orientated, help-and-be-helped community, that's dedicated to realising human potential.

You'll be surrounded by other like-minded musicians (who love the violin!). Learn from them, grow from them, get the help you need ... and then pass it on to others!

Humans are social. Music is social. ViolinSchool is social.

Offline Options

London, England

Our long-established local school in London. Hybrid online/offline classes and courses, workshops orchestra, ensembles, events, concerts & more!
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Dublin, Ireland

A World-Class Teacher Training Course every August, for professional violinists and teachers, in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music.
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ViolinSchool Membership offers a wide range of benefits - from live classes to self-service courses and an enormously comprehensive digital library full of high quality resources for learning and teaching.

Membership starts from $19 and you can sign up today for instant access to everything that ViolinSchool has to offer. Click here to learn more and become a member today!
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Email: support@violinschool.com
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