Can You Learn Violin On Your Own?

Updated: January 18, 2023

Can You Learn Violin On Your Own?

It is possible to learn the violin on your own, but it may be more difficult than learning with a teacher. A teacher or a school can provide guidance, feedback, and direction, which can be especially valuable if you are starting as a beginner. A teacher will also provide a sense of accountability and motivation, which can be helpful for staying motivated and remembering to do your violin practice!

However, modern online resources mean that it is now easier than ever to learn the violin on your own. There are numerous online tutorials, videos, and resources that can provide instruction on technique, posture, and repertoire, such as the violin courses and library that we offer here at ViolinSchool.

A wide range of apps and software now exist to provide feedback on your playing and help track your progress. But remember not to become dependent on the technology - these tools are useful for testing your skill and development, but can inhibit your learning and development if you depend too much on them.

Remember also that learning any instrument takes time and dedication. Self-taught violinists need to be self-motivated and willing to put in the effort necessary to improve. This is only possible if you can identify and correct your own mistakes, and that's a lot more challenging to do without a teacher.

Another consideration if you are self-teaching yourself the violin, is that you may miss out on the opportunity to learn from a teacher's experience and musical perspective. A teacher can provide valuable insights and a different perspective that can enhance the learning experience.

So yes ... it is possible to learn violin on your own. However, it is likely to be more challenging than learning with the guidance and feedback of a teacher. For the best results, ViolinSchool recommends a blend of different learning formats including classes, lessons, and online tools ... this way you'll benefit from lots of different experiences and musical perspectives, and become a well-rounded musician and violinist.

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