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2017 - February: The first phase of the Digital Learning Platform begins to roll out to learners around the world.

2016 - December: The ViolinSchool team takes over management of sheet music publisher Musicland Publications, which will distribute future ViolinSchool books and sheet music.

2016 - September: ViolinSchool's website transitions from ViolinSchool.org to ViolinSchool.com

2016 - January: 15 Palace Street becomes the private teaching practice of Simon Hewitt Jones and David Worswick; ViolinSchool no longer offers One to One tuition and is now fully committed to e-Learning (and live events).

2015 – December: ViolinSchool crowdfunds development capital for an all-new Digital Learning Platform

2015 – May: ViolinSchool begins trialling e-Learning programs with first UK & international learners

2014 – September: ViolinSchool is refocused as a provider of online learning, live events and research, and our tuition is restructured accordingly. London-based study courses are introduced for the first time.

2014 – January: regular ‘ViolinHub’ Saturday classes begin in London.

2013 – June: a new ViolinSchool website is launched, and the school is given a professional rebrand.

2012 – December: First professionally produced ‘Christmas Show’ takes place at the St James Theatre, which opened on Palace Street opposite ViolinSchool's teaching studio in September 2012.

2012 – September: School begins to operate on a semester structure, and starts its first ever ‘term’ of tuition.

2012 – May: London Violin Studio is renamed to ViolinSchool.

2012 – March: Simon leases a room at 15 Palace Street in Central London, followed two months later by 2 further teaching rooms.

2012 – January: Beginner Violin Classes ('Introductory Fundamentals' classes) become a regular monthly event. Simon starts regular Saturday group classes.

2011 – Introductory ‘Fundamentals’ class runs a few times during the year. ‘Bloomsbury Group’ (a group of learners in London) gets in touch and suggests regular weekly group tuition.

2010 – ‘London Violin Studio’ website is created, first prototype of the Introductory ‘Fundamentals’ workshop (later to become Beginner Violin Classes) takes place at the 1901 Club in Waterloo.

2007 – Simon Hewitt Jones begins private teaching practice in London.


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