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Close Calls

Practise semitones (half steps) using different fingers and the same finger. Try to make the two versions of the exercise sound as similar to each other as possible!

Slippery Slopes

Caution! Tread very carefully indeed as you manoeuvre in tones (whole steps) and semitones (half steps) up and down these treacherously slippery chromatic slopes!

Voluntary No. 5 - Stanley

John Stanley was an 18th century English composer and organist. Here's our arrangement of one of his particularly triumphant organ voluntaries for violin and piano.

Hooked Bowing Exercises

Hone your hooked bowing with these effervescent exercises! Practise these jaunty zigzaggy arpeggio patterns in G, A, Bb, and C major, and soon you'll be hooked!

Mind Your Step

Beware! If you don't get the half steps and whole steps in the right place in this chromaticky piece, you might fall through the cracks!

Cross Purposes

Don’t be at cross purposes when it comes to crossing strings! You’ll need to agree on the what, where, when and how to move seamlessly from one string to the next!

Zebra Crossing

There are lots of zebra crossings in this piece, helping you to move from one string the next. Make sure you know where they are and always cross at the zebra crossing!

Smooth Crossings

Make the journey as smooth as you possibly can, as you cross the open strings in a variety of different bowing patterns. Smooth sailing all the way!

Shifting Perspectives

Shift up and down with the first finger - from 1st through to 4th position - to get a new, and hopefully nice and clear, perspective on things!

Album Leaf

Album Leaf is one of Grieg’s Lyric Pieces, a collection of 66 short piano pieces - lovely little mood-pictures. This cheeky dance is No. 7 from the first set, Op. 12

Pterosaurs Soaring High

Play this piece really smoothly, as if your bow was flying in the sky! The Italian words legato and glissando describe how to play the music.

4th Finger Workouts

Time for some pinky power! Get your 4th finger in tip-top shape - strong and sturdy, supple and sprightly - with this super set of workouts!

Can't find it? We'll make it!

We publish new music, resources and tutorials every week. If there's something you're looking for that's not in the library yet, email [email protected] with your suggestion. If it's something other learners will find useful, we can probably make it for you!

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