At ViolinSchool we talk about learners rather than students. It's a subtle difference, but we believe the word learner acknowledges the importance of taking control of your own learning process.

All our programs are structured to empower you as a musician, performer, and violinist. We enable you to learn on your own terms and develop your own personal identity as an artist, whilst respecting the timeless principles of music, violin technique, practice and performance.

Who We Serve

Every learner is different, but some learners share similar characteristics and requirements depending on their age and experience level.

Young Violinists Children Cocnert

Parents & Children (3-12)

It’s essential that your child begins to develop an understanding of pitch, rhythm, and sound as early as possible. Then you can introduce them to the violin.

We’ll help make the most of your child’s natural, instinctive learning ability to help them build great musical habits from a young age.


13-18 Yrs

It’s crucial that violin playing should remain inspiring and engaging during these important years of development, as other commitments take up increasing amounts of time. But it’s just as important that the instinctive approach of childhood is combined with a deeper, more conscious understanding of violin artistry.

It’s critical that a teenage violin player learns to understand how and why they do what they do; only then can a violinist keep improving indefinitely, and become free to discover their own musical and artistic identity.

Adult Violinists

Adults (18-100+)

You’re never too old to play the violin!
ViolinSchool is a respected leader in Adult Education for the violin. Our renowned Beginner Violin Class in the UK has helped hundreds of learners begin to play in just 3 hours (and we even provide a violin!).

We also have many students who learnt the violin as a child, and want to get back into it as an adult. Your rhythm and pitch knowledge will still be secure; all you need to do is refresh your technique, and build up your practice/performance skills!


Professional Violinists

Professional sportspeople have coaches, so why shouldn’t professional violinists too? Help from an experienced coach will allow you to optimise your skills for performances and recordings, help you keep in shape, and stay at the top of your game.


Teachers & Teacher Training

ViolinSchool is committed to supporting violin teachers around the world with skills and career development opportunities. In the future, we will be developing a partner program for violin teachers, to help with professional development, learning material resources, and support for private teaching studios.


The ViolinSchool team works with other organisations across a wide range of projects, including curriculum design and teacher training for education organisations, corporate experience projects, relief tuition services, and general consultation projects.

We work regularly with clients in the Middle East, Europe and America, and bring an international perspective and multicultural approach to all our work.

Learn With ViolinSchool


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