Our Values

ViolinSchool’s Values exist to guide our Tutors, Staff & Students towards good decision-making on a day to day basis. They represent the culture we wish to maintain within the ViolinSchool community.

As a group of people, we aspire to collaborate and co-exist harmoniously with the help of these guiding principles.


We always act with consistency. We are direct and honest with each other at all times. We always keep promises, however big or small.


We are kind and generous to all people. We respect our environment, we are not greedy, we seek to remain humble.


We strive towards the highest standards in everything we do. We always give our best.


Nothing is ever ‘not my job’. If it’s the right thing to do, we do it.


We question everything. We are not slaves to dogma. We innovate constantly. We are creative. We embrace change.


Excepting proprietary or sensitive information, we share our knowledge to help others. We don’t hoard knowledge to gain power. We recognise that the value of information is in its application. We help each other to find what we need to know to grow.