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Technique and Repertoire Classes (All Levels)

Our Technique & Repertoire Classes run every Thursday (from approx 5.30pm UTC) and Saturday (from approx 11am UTC) via Zoom (full schedule here). Classes are currently presented by Simon Hewitt Jones, with occasional guest presenters.

Each week, we look at a different technical skill and piece of violin repertoire, and explore it in depth. We learn a wide variety of topics and explore many different musical styles.

Each T&R Class takes the form of a guided practice session, and also serves as a technical and musical adventure!

Over time, you will explore all the major skills of violin playing from many different perspectives, and through many different types of styles of music.

The live sessions offer real time feedback from your tutor, who constantly monitors bow technique through the video grid.

The sessions are 'multi-level', so as long as you can play fluently in 1st to 3rd position, you'll find lots to learn in each class!

If you're already playing to a level equivalent to Grade 5 or above with any major examination board, then book a New Learner Pass, for a month of access to everything that ViolinSchool offers. Or, start with our Fundamentals Class and go from there!

Optional one-to-one support is also offered during most classes. Your tutor will work through a topic or concept with you for a couple of minutes, using interactive practice activities that everyone can take part in and play along with.

Technique & Repertoire Classes are also an opportunity to bring your own material, questions or requests as well. Working on some new music, stuck on a technical problem, or just want a second opinion on your choice of phrasing? No problem - bring it to class, and we’ll take a look!

If you’re already an advanced player, get in touch today to request an invitation - email us at [email protected]

Enrol for Advanced (Technique & Repertoire) Classes


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