Our Approach

Our Approach

Our guiding forces are creativity and community, curiosity and critical thinking.

Everything we do at ViolinSchool is designed with a creative and social approach.

We are holistic in the truest sense of the word: rather than following the classically ‘didactic’ approach of most 19th and 20th century pedagogues, we instead help violinists develop into rounded musicians, artists and people.

ViolinSchool is research-focused and results-orientated. We are fascinated by technology and how it can improve learning experiences.

We recognise the importance of an approach that draws on both intuition and analysis. We believe performance psychology is an integral part of violin learning.

The vast majority of the learning programs that we produce are anchored around the key 'pillars' of Music, Violin Technique and Performance Skills.

All of these areas are underpinned by a meaningful knowledge of How to Practice, and we make sure that each ViolinSchool student has a clear understanding of practice skills, so that they may flourish by taking responsibility for their own learning.

4 Core Areas of Expertise:

Music, Technique, Performance & Practice

We strive to offer an integrated approach which allows each learner to build their skills across these four areas in a step-by-step, achievable way, customised for every age and experience level.

When a new learner joins ViolinSchool, they are taken through a process of goal-settingrepertoire choosing, and practice planning, to make sure that every learner's individual aims are linked directly with their day-to-day practice, and give each learner the best chance of success.

ViolinSchool is for Newbies...

All our learning programs are carefully designed so that you don’t need any specialist knowledge whatsoever in order to enjoy learning the violin.

We distil all the jargon so that you’re not intimidated by all the complicated ‘musician-speak’. Over time, you’ll gradually pick up all the skills you need, by acquiring knowledge in manageable bite-sized chunks.

We’ll guide you through the processes that will edge you closer and closer to mastery of the instrument. We’ll help you to build up your intellectual, aural, visual and muscular memories until you can instinctively handle many complicated physical actions simultaneously.

We also offer you comprehensive music theory and ear training as part of your membership, so that you have everything you need to make great music with the violin.

...and for Connoisseurs!

If you already know a thing or two about the violin you’ll be pleased to hear that all our learning programs – from beginner through to professional coaching – build and develop on the the work of past masters.

Great treatises that influence our work include those of Carl Flesch, Ivan Galamian, Constantin Dounis, Yehudi Menuhin, and Kato Havas… to name just a few. But we strongly believe that truly innovative pedagogy cannot rest solely on the works of yesterday.

Our team has been involved with research at the Royal Academy of Music, Cambridge University, and other eminent institutions, to investigate a wide range of ideas from learner-centred learning to systems theory, and how they inform our understanding of the violin.

ViolinSchool is committed to the regular development of research programs that enhance global understanding of violin playing.


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