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This lovely, lilting, flowing, yearning, dancing Medieval/Renaissance Ronde - written by that mysterious composer ‘Anon.’! - is exclusively arranged for two violins.
Largo' is the opening aria from the 1738 opera, Serse, by Handel. It's sung by Xerxes I of Persia as he admires the lovely, sweet shade of a plane tree!
A fun, 3-movement piece for strings with some great melodies!
Probably virtuoso violinist Niccolò Paganini's most famous tune! The main theme of Caprice No.24 is joyful and exciting, and played using the hooked bowing technique.
This fabulous fantasia by Leo Portnoff features passionate melodies, a rip-roaring Russian dance, and plenty of different patterns and techniques for the bowing arm.
A ‘Bransle’ is a type of Renaissance dance popular in the early 16th century … lots of dancers, in a line or circle, usually holding hands, having a merry old time!
Hone your hooked bowing with these effervescent exercises! Practise these jaunty zigzaggy arpeggio patterns in G, A, Bb, and C major, and soon you'll be hooked!
This sunny, chirpy melody by Charles Auguste de Bériot is great for practising 3rd position. That’s probably why it’s in the 3rd position bit of his Méthode de Violon!
You'll need to divide the bow with mathematical precision to conquer these exercises. ViolinSchool strongly recommends using a mirror to get a good perspective!

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