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This traditional sea shanty became massively popular in 2020 during the pandemic. This exclusive ViolinSchool / Violin Orchestra version is the first ever violin version of the piece!
This vivacious Allegro in D by Handel is full of triumphant arpeggios, rip-roaring scales and sprightly staccato bowing … guaranteed to give you a spring in your step!
Johann Vierdank was a German violinist, cornettist and composer of the early 1600s. His Capriccio I features some delightfully imitative interplay between the 2 parts.
With plenty of scale and arpeggio patterns, Harry Schloming’s Study No. 1 in C major is quite the workout …. a great way to get in shape, and to stay in shape!
You'll need to divide the bow with mathematical precision to conquer these exercises. ViolinSchool strongly recommends using a mirror to get a good perspective!
It's study time! This étude by the German virtuoso violinist and composer, Ferdinand David, will really strengthen your separate bowing technique and coordination.
Louise Farrenc (1804-75) was a piano teacher at the Paris Conservatoire for over 30 years. Her Étude in A minor is a mysterious siciliana with lots of dotted rhythms.
Bénoni Lagye’s Danse Espagnole captures the spirit of Spain with its vibrant, insistent rhythm patterns. Use energetic, incisive bowing to really make the piece dance!
This graceful piece is inspired by the Ländler folk dances of German-speaking Europe. Hop and stamp your way through ... you could even try a bit of yodelling too!
William Crawford Honeyman was a violinist, orchestral leader and teacher. He was also, under his pseudonym, James McGovan, a writer of police detective novels!

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