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The vibrant, rhythmic opening of Autumn from Vivaldi’s famous ‘Four Seasons’ celebrates, with high-spirited song and dance, the pleasures of a bountiful harvest.
With plenty of scale and arpeggio patterns, Harry Schloming’s Study No. 1 in C major is quite the workout …. a great way to get in shape, and to stay in shape!
Head back to the Renaissance for Ronde V by that mysterious composer ‘Anon.’! It’s a rollicking, frolicking Tudoresque dance, exclusively arranged here for two violins.
Beware! If you don't get the half steps and whole steps in the right place in this chromaticky piece, you might fall through the cracks!
This graceful piece is inspired by the Landler folk dances of German-speaking Europe. Hop and stamp your way through ... you could even try a bit of yodelling too!
These cheeky little monkeys will help you practise the hooked bowing technique ... G major scales in two octaves, but with some cheeky little chromatic twists!
For a piece about witches, this is a surprisingly chirpy tune! It's full of crisp bowing and sparkling arpeggios. Play it nicely, or you may discover their dark side!
You'll need to divide the bow with mathematical precision to conquer these exercises. ViolinSchool strongly recommends using a mirror to get a good perspective!
It's study time! This étude by the German virtuoso violinist and composer, Ferdinand David, will really strengthen your separate bowing technique and coordination.
The Halling is a traditional dance hailing from rural Norway … brisk and highly rhythmic and often ending up as an acrobatic, athletic competition between the dancers!

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