ViolinSchool is privileged to have access to some of the best violin and music brains on the planet! On this page you can meet our Teachers, our Team and our Advisors. We're always on the lookout for new talent, so if you want to be part of our mission then take a look here.

Our Teachers

We're building a network of incredible teachers to deliver our online lessons and courses, including several of the world's leading violinists. In the meantime, Simon Hewitt Jones and Setareh Mood from the ViolinSchool team are filming our 'core curriculum' of online lessons and courses.

Watch out for announcements about our expanding teacher network later in the year!

Our Team

Simon Hewitt Jones
Director & Research
Steers the ship

David Worswick
Research & Publishing
Creates brilliant content

Setareh Mood
Learner Support
Makes learners happy

Gabrielle Deschamps
Marketing & Communications
Connects new learners

Caroline Lumsden
Children's Learning
Inspires young people

Our Advisors

Peter Tregear
Music Education

William Bruce
Music Education

Chris Gunness

Tom Dickinson
Branding & Digital Design

eLearning for the Violin.

15 Palace Street
Westminster, London

Phone: +44 (0) 20 3051 0080
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