If you've previously taken a course at ViolinSchool, you are eligble for Alumni membership.

This provides you with all the benefits of ViolinSchool Membership, but with the added benefit of:

  • Continued access to all the courses you have completed so far, with ongoing access to all updates and new lessons up to and including your current level
  • Member rates for VS Events and Learning Reviews
  • Exclusive pay-per-class access to Practice Sessions and Classes up to and including the levels you have already completed
  • Ongoing access to the ViolinSchool community, Library, and all digital tools (including the digital music player).

Alumni members can return to ViolinSchool at any time with reduced rates available for Term Pass, or for retaking a course you have previously participated in.

You can re-subscribe to ViolinSchool by logging in with your existing email address and password, and then clicking here:

ViolinSchool Alumni Subscription

Changed your email? Contact [email protected] to request an Alumni registration link.


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