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After you’ve attended an introductory class and your violin is all set up and ready to play, then it’s time to start learning!

Our popular ‘Fundamentals’ sequence covers all the key topics that you need to know - from posture, bow technique and tone production to note-reading, music theory, and how to practise the violin.

Fundamentals classes take place live on Zoom on Thursdays (from 5.30pm UTC) and Saturdays (from 9am UTC) - click here for the live schedule.

Violin Fundamentals is a one-off cost of $129 (£99), and you can repeat the live classes as many times as you wish until you’ve completely mastered and internalised the core techniques!

You’ll then be ready to embark on our comprehensive series of Violin Courses.

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About The Violin Fundamentals

Whether you're a first-time beginner, a restarter, or you've already been playing the violin for a while, we'd like to invite you to the Violin Fundamentals classes here at ViolinSchool.

The core principles of good violin playing are complicated and counterintuitive.

They can be confusing, because there's so much to consider, and it's easy to get things wrong!

But ViolinSchool's Violin Fundamentals program will help you to avoid all the most common mistakes, and master the basics of good violin playing in just a few hours!

For BeginnersRestarters and if you Already Play

This class is a perfect way to start if you're a first-time player who's never played a note on the violin before.

But it's also a fantastic refresher course if you're restarting the violin after some time away... ... or if you *already* play, but feel that your bow hold, bowing and tone production aren't as fluent or consistent as you'd like them to be.

An Established, Proven Program

Violin Fundamentals was the very first program we offered here at ViolinSchool. It's now been running for well over a decade, and for very good reason ... we've helped many hundreds of people to master the core principles of violin playing and create a beautiful sound - quickly, easily, and consistently.

One of the hardest things about starting to play the violin is that there are so many things you have to do simultaneously ... you need to hold the violin correctly, use the bowing arm to make a good sound, place the fingers accurately to play the notes ... there's just loads to think about!

But the Violin Fundamentals program helps you to cut through that frustration, and enjoy the incredible sense of achievement you'll get from performing successfully for the first time.

We do this by distilling all these complex ideas down to simple, universal principles.

First Principles

The reason the program works so well for all levels is that we use a series of activities and practical exercises to explore and understand the physical first principles that are true for everyone.

You'll be empowered to start building your own, personal violin technique in the way that works best for YOUR body.

You Don't Need to Read Music

Both Fundamentals classes are taught entirely by ear, so you don't *need* to be able to read music to take part.

Finding a Violin

If you're joining us remotely via webcam, you'll obviously need your own violin and bow.

Alternatively, if you can come and visit our school in London, England, to take the class in person, then we can provide a violin and bow for you to use.

If you need help finding an instrument, then check out our free 'How to Get Started with the Violin' course, or contact us first before you order one online!

It's very easy to make a poor choice when buying a violin online, so we are very happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have, BEFORE you make a purchase from a violin shop!

We also offer a free setup service for anyone who books the Violin Fundamentals class online.

Once you've registered for the Violin Fundamentals and you have a violin, you have the option to schedule a free Setup call with one of our Learning Advisors.

They will help you to get your violin set up, tuned and ready to play, so that you can begin your first session knowing that your violin is well set up, and isn't going to get in the way of your learning!

Great Results ... Fast!

People who learn the violin at ViolinSchool have the opportunity to make amazing progress with the violin. Here are some of their stories:


Do It - Understand It - Internalise It

The Violin Fundamentals is a really practical program. It's not just about understanding, but about DOING.

We'll take you through a series of carefully designed activities that will get you playing and making music straight away - even if you don't yet read the notes!

Of course, we'll also give you plenty of theory and new knowledge as you learn each topic. But more importantly, we'll help you to internalise what you are learning through intelligent repetition.

Realise Your Potential

You'll start to build up good habits from the very first time you start to play!

You'll develop a beautiful sound, then use the violin to communicate the music exactly how you want, so you can share your music with friends and family, and enjoy amazing musical experiences together!

You'll be able to realise your musical potential, and bring to life your natural musical ability. In a few hours, you'll be making music with the violin, and starting a thrilling and rewarding journey that will bring you great joy and happiness ... now, and in the future!

Live Classes, Experienced Teachers

Violin Fundamentals is a short course, presented through a repeating series of two hour-long classes. You can attend the sessions as many times as you like, until you feel you've mastered the concepts and you're really confident about how to play the basic techniques.

All classes are relayed via Zoom, but if you can visit our school in London (England), you're welcome to participate in person, too!

We can even provide a violin if you don't already have one, and you DON'T need to read music either - all sessions are taught by ear!

We encourage you not just to watch the video course, but to join in with the live classes as well.

This is because everyone's body is different, and having live interactive feedback from an experienced teacher during a class, is an invaluable benefit that you just can't get from a series of videos.

Different Options for Different Timezones

We run live classes regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, for American and European timezones.

And we frequently add in extra class times for Australasia, Asia Pacific and West Coast USA.

If none of the upcoming class times are suitable for you, it's no problem - just email [email protected] with your preferred dates and times, and we'll do our very best to accommodate you!

Repeat Classes - Reinforce Your Learning

Once you've attended Session 1 and Session 2 for the first time, you are welcome to repeat the two classes as many times as you wish via Zoom, to help reinforce and practise what you have learnt.

You'll then be perfectly set up for learning the violin, and you'll also have the option of joining our renowned series of Violin Courses, which run three times a year.

Visit Us In London?

All tuition at ViolinSchool is available for remote learning. Some of our classes run only on Zoom; others are relayed live from our school in London, England.

If you are visiting or passing through London, you'll always be assured of a warm welcome if you choose to come to a class in person, and we also have violins available for you to use.

All our venues are based in, or near to Westminster in Central London, and are easily accessible from all major stations and airports, so come and visit if you would like to!

Support & Certification

When you register for the Violin Fundamentals, you're not only buying a transformative violin class, but also the support YOU need to master the fundamental techniques of violin playing.

In addition to the two live classes, you'll receive:

  • a comprehensive set of video lessons
  • an optional video assignment
  • support and accountability from our highly experienced Coaching team to make sure you've understood and internalised the basic techniques
  • ... and a certificate of completion after you attend the classes!

Community & Membership

But that's not all ... you'll also be able to join our friendly, helpful community of learners, and a 30 day ViolinSchool membership is included too, giving you instant access to thousands of great learning tools in our digital library - including all the resources you need to learn how to read music if you don't already.

Class Topics

In Session 1, we explore how to hold the violin and bow - which is more counterintuitive than you might think! - and make sure that you're using your body in a balanced way, so that you always have good posture - this is essential for smooth and balanced bowing movements.

We'll also learn how NOT to hold the bow ... and understand how to create a good sound from the very first time the bow touches the string ... completely avoiding any 'screechy cat' sounds!

Session 2 is all about making a beautiful sound, changing the sound to create different emotions, and understanding how to start practising and performing on the violin.

And throughout both sessions, we'll come to understand how good violin playing depends on the musical fundamentals of good timing and accurate pitch.

By the end of the Fundamentals classes, you'll be able to perform a piece of music on the violin - in time, in tune, and with a good sound.

Most importantly, you'll have gained the confidence to know that you really CAN play the violin, and make music that you want to play ... and that others want to hear!

How Quickly Can I Complete The Course?

Most people complete the Violin Fundamentals program within a couple of weeks, by attending the two hour-long live classes then submitting a video assignment.

If you're in a hurry, you could probably complete the course within a day. Or if you'd like to take your time, you have up to a month to submit your optional assignment and earn your certificate.

Start Learning Today!

We love delivering these classes because it's always so rewarding to see people's faces light up with excitement when they realise they really can play the violin.

If you'd like to feel that same sense of accomplishment and find out what you can do with the violin, then join the Violin Fundamentals classes today!

Once you register, you can choose the date for your first Session 1 live class, and you'll get instant access to all the digital learning materials, so you can start learning straight away!

Book Online Now

The Violin Fundamentals classes make it easy to get started with this incredible instrument, so come and join us and you'll be playing the violin sooner than you think.

Take a look at the upcoming class dates, and then you can go ahead and book online.

Any Questions?

If you've got any questions, or if you would like to request a specific class time that's more convenient for your time zone, then don't hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call, and we will look forward to meeting you soon!

How can learners at ViolinSchool achieve incredible results so quickly?

We make the learning process more efficient, by helping you to learn intuitively. You'll learn to play the way a child would ... but much more quickly!

So by the time you *understand* everything, you can instinctively already do it.

Proper Research & Professional Experience

It's a powerful approach and it's fully backed up by the academic research of our Director, the violinist Simon Hewitt Jones, whose work originated at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and later evolved into ViolinSchool's core curriculum.

The class also draws on decades of teaching experience across the whole ViolinSchool Coaching team, and the expertise of our lead course designer, David Worswick, a former first violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra.

You Can Play The Violin!

Whatever your age...whatever your skill level... YOU have the inbuilt ability to play the violin!

It’s startling what can happen when you let yourself succeed... just give it a go, see what can happen, and allow yourself the opportunity to try the violin.

That's exactly what BBC presenter Julian Marshall experienced when Simon showed him how to play a simple melody on the violin - live on BBC Radio:


Learn or revise the first principles of good violin playing ... play fluently, confidently, and with a beautiful sound, in just a few hours!

Beginner? Restarter? Already Playing?

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