Children (5-13)

Children (5-13)

ViolinSchool Courses A and B for Parents and Children are now available. Other children's courses will be added to the sequence in the near future.

We run practice sessions on Thursdays (via Zoom), and in-person classes at our London school on Saturdays (which are also relayed via Zoom).

Currently we are accepting children's enrolments from learners who are able to travel to London for at least some classes. However, we will have resources to support fully remote learners soon, and you are welcome to contact us to express your interest in remote learning options.

For new learners, we also run an introductory Children's Fundamentals class for children who are new to playing the violin, which uses the Starter Violin Course (Parent & Child) curriculum.

Re-Enrolment for Existing Learners:

Violin Courses for Children (Remote Learning):

Violin Courses for Children (in-person in London):

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