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All future programs are subject to change depending on what's needed in class! Some sessions are presented live from London - see here for location info & schedule.

Please note: no class on Saturday 18th February. See you again on Thursday 23rd February!

Upcoming ...

[Week 7] Thursday 16th & Saturday 18th February
Starter: The Fundamentals
C major, Scale Drills, To the Greenwood
Shifting Perspectives, de Bériot - Duo No. 2
Audacious Arpeggios, Étude No. 3, Op.44 - Ferdinand David

[Week 8] Thursday 23rd & Saturday 25th February*
Starter: The Fundamentals
Micro-Scales in D major - Pattern Exercises and Rhythm Exercises, Little Tunes in D major, Ode to Joy Exercises, Ode to Joy
Second Opinions, Second Chances
Danse Espagnole - Lagye

[Week 9] Thursday 2nd & Saturday 4th March
Starter: The Fundamentals
Beginner: Heel and Tip, Arpeggio Exercises, Arpeggio Rhythm Exercises, Bartok Duo No.9 (Play Song)
Intermediate: Dominant 7th Games, Dominant 7th Gallop, Diminished 7ths
Advanced: Next Level, Largo from Winter

*presented live from London

Previously ...

[Week 6] Thursday 9th & Saturday 11th February*
The Fundamentals
French Folk Tune
Make Shift, Mattachins (3rd Position)
Advanced: Crossing Paths, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, Ancelotti - Bizzarrie No. 5

[Week 5] Thursday 2nd & Saturday 4th February
The Fundamentals
Smooth Crossings, Zebra Crossing, Cross Purposes
Slippery Slopes, Close Calls, Mind Your Step
Hooked Bowing Exercises, Voluntary No. 5 - Stanley

[Week 4] Thursday 26th & Saturday 28th January*
The Fundamentals
Highs and Lows, Pterosaurs Soaring High, The Cuckoo
4th Finger Workouts , Perky Pinky
Playthroughs, Album Leaf

[Week 3] Thursday 19th & Saturday 21st January
Starter: The Fundamentals
Beginner: F major, I Like the Flowers
Intermediate: Opposites Attract, Morris Dance - Honeyman
Advanced: Rhythmic Scale Passages - Hofmann, Musette - Leclair

[Week 2] Thursday 12th & Saturday 14th January*
Starter: The Fundamentals
Beginner: Hitting the Spot, First Finger Shenanigans, Handel's Hallelujah - 1st Finger Only
Intermediate: Minor Incidents, Bransle de la Torche (Study No.1 - Dancla)
Advanced: Perpetuum Mobile - Schmidt, Halling - Halvorsen, (Canonic Sonata III - Telemann)

[Week 1] Thursday 7th January
Starter: The Fundamentals
Beginner: G major scale, Two Steps Ahead, Hanon Exercises, Rigaudon
Intermediate: Study No.1 - Dancla, Rondino on a Theme by Beethoven
Advanced: Crossing Swords, Canonic Sonata III - Telemann



Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve)
Christmas Songs Livestream:
Download the sheet music here:

Thursday 22nd December
Christmas Songs! Learn all of the Christmas violin music with Simon, starting from 7pm UTC (London).

No live class on Saturday 17th December!

Thursday 15th December
Starter: The Fundamentals
Beginner: Playthroughs (E Minor, Scarborough Fair)
Intermediate: Salutations, Playthroughs (Bouree in E Minor)
Advanced: Étude in A minor - Farrenc, Playthroughs [March Militaire, The Herd-Girls’ Sunday, Le Secret, (Kayser Study No.1)]

Thursday 8th & Saturday 10th December
Starter: The Fundamentals
Beginner: E Minor, Scarborough Fair
Intermediate: Bouree in E Minor
Advanced: March Militaire

Thursday 1st & Saturday 3rd December
Starter: Intervals
Beginner: The Can-Can, Arpeggios, Dotted Quavers / Eighth Notes, Happy Birthday & London Bridge, Dotted Quavers / Eighth Notes, Happy Birthday & London Bridge, Playthroughs
Intermediate: E natural minor, B harmonic minor
Advanced: The Herd-Girls’ Sunday, (Kayser Study No.1), (Playthroughs)

Thursday 24th & Saturday 26th November
Beginner: C major, Major and Minor, E minor
Intermediate: E Natural Minor, Major & Minor (Fiddler on the Loose), C major, F major, Riddle Jig, Waltz by Mozart (Duet), Playthroughs
Advanced: Le Secret, Playthroughs







Thursday 15th September & Saturday 17th September
Repertoire: Wellerman, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, Swanee River
Courses: Ode to Joy (B), Stamping Dance (B)

Thursday 22nd & Saturday 24th September
Technique: The Bureau of B-flat Major
Repertoire: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (4 Violin Version)
Courses: Scales, Pirate Ship (B), Autumn (B), Strong Iguanodon (B), Daydream Duet (C)

Thursday 29th September & Saturday 1st October
Repertoire: The Blue Danube
Courses: Conker Fight (A), Happy Birthday & London Bridge (B), Melted Mouse and Roasted Rat (C)

Thursday 6th & Saturday 8th October
Not Susato. Maybe something else. Nice tunes.

Thursday 13th & Saturday 15th October
Repertoire: Gangsta's Paradise, Air from the Water Music, Study in A Major
Courses: Twinkle, G, D, A & C majors, Strong Iguanodon, Cockles & Mussels, Rumbango

Thursday 20th & Saturday 22nd October
Repertoire: We Will Rock You (Queen), Oye Como Va, Study in A Major, Air from The Water Music
Courses: Twinkle, G, D, A & C majors, Strong Iguanodon, Cockles & Mussels, Rumbango

Thursday 27th & Saturday 29th October
Repertoire: In Our Service (THJ)

Thursday 3rd & Saturday 5th November
Technique: Deep Dives, Rising Tides, Make Shift
Repertoire: Schloming - Study No. 1, Op. 14

Thursday 10th & Saturday 12th November
Technique: Creeping Up
Repertoire: The Spider's Web

Thursday 17th & Saturday 19th November
Repertoire: Purcell 5 Dances


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