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We've developed a super-easy 5 step process to give you the very best possible start with the violin!

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Get a Violin

Find and order the violin, bow and accessories that are right for YOU!

Not all violins are the same, and not everyone needs the same thing. So it's very easy to get the wrong instrument, or have it set up incorrectly - and the frustration of getting the wrong set up can cause you to give up!

Our team at ViolinSchool is very experienced at guiding first time learners to the right instrument, and we offer a FREE instrument-finding service to our learners.

Just click the button and fill in the form, then we'll get back to you with recommendations and suggestions on which instrument would be best for you.

Be sure to let us know your budget and location, so that we can help you most effectively!

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Explore the Coaching Program:

Explore all our courses:

ViolinSchool Coaching

Explore the Coaching Program:

ViolinSchool Coaching

ViolinSchool can help!

Over the years, we've helped thousands of people to get started successfully with the violin - even if you have no previous musical experience, and it's your first time learning a musical instrument.




Setup Call

A Video Setup Call with one of our experts will make sure your violin is tuned and ready to play!

Frankly, it's really hard to get a violin tuned the first time! Mail order violins are often shipped with the strings loose and sometimes even the bridge down.

It's very fiddly to get strings attached and tuned ... and if you've never used the pegs before, it's very easy to snap a string accidentally.

If you feel even a little bit unsure about getting your violin set up and tuned, then you'll definitely benefit from a Setup Call with one of our instrument experts!

They'll talk you through how to prepare your violin, make sure the bow is rosined and correctly wound, the accessories are attached, and the strings are properly fixed, tuned, and ready to play.

Setup calls usually last 20 minutes and you can book a session right now! Just use the calendar form on the right to choose a time that's convenient for you.


Beginner Class

Learn the basics in a 2 hour 'Quick Start' class and get playing straight away!

As soon as your violin is tuned and ready to play, you'll want to get going and making music as quickly as possible!

You'll need our popular 2 hour Beginnner Class, which gets you playing straight away ... we cover all the most important fundamentals of good violin playing.

In hour 1, we'll learn the fundamental posture, body movements and bowing techniques that you'll need to create a beautiful sound on the violin.

In hour 2, we'll apply the techniques to the music itself, and learn basic note-reading. We'll then practise and prepare a piece of music together, and perform it before the end of the class!



Courses & Coaching

A sequenced curriculum and learning support, to take you as far as you wish!

Our comprehensive, carefully sequenced courses are available 

If you already have a personal tutor or local violin teacher, then all you need is a ViolinnSchool Membership (from $19/month), which gives you full access to all the learning resources in our Courses and our incredibly useful digital Library. 

If you're learning on your own, you may prefer to join our popular Coaching Program which is available to learners anywhere in the world. This is the best choice for learners who need guidance and accountability, and includes coaching calls and/or video reviews, as well as a gorgeous full colour coursebook that we'll ship to you wherever you are in the world! 

Learners in the UK also have the option to swap the coaching calls and reviews for in-person attendance at our London group classes! (Click here for more information about our London school).

Personalised Learning Plan

A personalised roadmap for your violin practice - so you always know what to do!

When you join the ViolinSchool Coaching Program, we get you set up straight away with a personalised Learning Review and Practice Plan.

Our Learning Support Team will help you to clarify your goals, and put together a personalised structure for your violin practice. 

That way you'll always know exactly where are in your learning journey, and where you're going. 

And whenever you get stuck, just ping us an email or message us ... our internationnal Learning Support team is available throughout the week to help you with any challenge, big or small, that you come across in your violin practice!


Schedule a Setup Call (USD $19)

Book a Beginner Class (USD $49)

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