At ViolinSchool, we use the term 'Intermediate' to describe a violinist who can (as a minimum) play fluently in 1st position, in time and in tune, in the keys of G, D, A, and C major.

You're probably now working on shifting and positions, vibrato, and expanding your knowledge of different violin music, styles and key patterns.

For Intermediate level violinists who are new to ViolinSchool, we usually recommend briefly revising Violin Fundamentals (and if necessary, Music Fundamentals) and then Course B, to be sure that you have covered all topics.

Once you've done this, you'll be ready for these two courses:

Course C - A continuing course for violinists who can already play and perform fluently and confidently in 1st position, in the keys of G, D, A and C Major.

Course D - A continuing course for violinists who have been playing already for some time, and are ready to begin shifting, developing vibrato, and more!

Course C and Course D will help you develop confidence and fluency as you build up and consolidate your technique into the 3rd position and beyond. Then you'll be ready to to explore the Advanced levels.

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