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We're passionate about the importance of performance training, good habit building, developing your intuition, and a highly creative approach to music making.

You'll be able to choose different paths according to your individual goals and experience, and track your progress as you move through the study materials.

Registration is now open for the New Online Beginner Course A! Full Details here >>

New Online Courses

During Spring and Summer 2019, we are upgrading and extending our eLearning. Our online courses (below) will be fully synchronised with the offline courses that run at our London school.

ViolinSchool members will have full access to each new course as it is released. Or if you require learning support and certification, we'll have a 'full enrolment' option with an assigned coach to help you succeed!

If you would like to know when each new course is released, please leave your email address below!

Getting Started

Beginner Course A - registration now open!

The Beginner Violin Course from ViolinSchool is a comprehensive, step-by-step program that's perfect for anyone starting to play for the first time, or restarting the violin after some time away.

The course will guide you from the first moment you pick up a violin, until you become an accomplished beginner violinist! In the course, you'll find over 150 lessons, Explainers, Worksheets, Video lessons, and more!

By the end of the course, you'll be able to read music fluently, and play your favourite violin tunes in time, in tune and with good sound and musical expression.

You'll be able to perform confidently to your family and friends, and join in playing with other musicians!

Learn More about The BEGINNER VIOLIN COURSEAlready Registered? Go to the Lessons >>

Other Courses

We are currently reworking our entire range of online courses, which will be as comprehensive as Online Beginner Course A. It's a big job, and we'll announce publication dates once the majority of course material is ready!

Currently, online versions of Parent/Child Courses A, B and C are in production, and Adult Beginner Courses B and C will be in production soon. We also have plans for a teacher training program which will be announced later in the year.


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