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Hone your hooked bowing with these effervescent exercises! Practise these jaunty zigzaggy arpeggio patterns in G, A, Bb, and C major, and soon you'll be hooked!
You'll need to divide the bow with mathematical precision to conquer these exercises. ViolinSchool strongly recommends using a mirror to get a good perspective!
Time to Cast Your Note! Move smoothly up and down in half steps (semitones) on each finger and on each string. Remember … Every Note Counts!
Perform graceful aerobatic manoeuvres as you glide up and down the chromatic scale on each string … try to avoid any turbulence when doing the string crossings!
Jump from the open string to the notes of the chromatic scale with grace, agility and precision! Listen carefully to the intervals as they expand and contract.
Move up and down in half steps (semitones) on each string to play part of the chromatic scale. Making sure everything is nice and smooth and nicely in tune!
Warm up your left hand fingers so they're raring to go! Use these patterns to get in shape and be ready to play the Rondeau from Henry Purcell's Abdelazer Suite!
Wheeee! Let's go up and down between 1st and 3rd position on your 1st and 3rd fingers!
Land on a different finger every time, as you shift to and from 3rd position!

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