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No need to worry … it’s a false alarm! Practise these exercises in ten different major keys and you’ll never be alarmed by artificial/false harmonics ever again!
Practise this free-flowing flurry of diminished 7th arpeggios - reams and reams of minor 3rds - to experience the benefits of diminished returns!
The AI revolution is here! Say hello to your new friends! Practise producing artificial harmonics by playing perfect perfect 4ths and then crystal clear harmonics.
Are you ready for the Dominant 7th Games?! Get in shape with these one octave dominant seventh exercises and become masters of dodgeball, hopscotch and leapfrog!
The tide rises ever so slowly as you move up and up the chromatic scale to 3rd position on each string. Remember, a rising tide lifts all notes!!
Shhhh! It’s Le Secret! Don’t tell anyone about this delightfully sprightly sweetmeat by Léonard Gautier, also known as Intermezzo Pizzicato No. 276 and written in 1916.
Nancy by the Prince of Pipers, Tom Clough, could either depict his first wife tripping up and down the stairs, his squeaky wheelbarrow, or his favourite sheep!!
Make the journey as smooth as you possibly can, as you cross the open strings in a variety of different bowing patterns. Smooth sailing all the way!
Cross-stitch your way up the scales and across the strings to create a lovely smooth blanket of sound with delightfully embroidered note patterns!
It’s okay to cross the line in these exercises, as long as you do it smoothly and in tune! Practise silky smooth slurred string crossings in A, D, and G major.

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