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We've saved the best until last... Shapeshifting is a beast of an intonation exercise! Tackle it gradually over several practice sessions... it'll take you gradually through different intervals on different strings... until you've built a super-comprehensive map of the fingerboard in your left hand muscle memory!
Shifting big distances like these on a single string really does require a leap of faith! But that faith will come from repeating the movement slowly lots of times.
Secure your 'hand frame' right up to the 7th position in this detailed interval training exercise! Once your hand position is in place, make sure the the 1st finger is placed accurately, then move carefully through the rest of the fingers, becoming ever more familiar with the 'feel' of the intervals as you go!
Finger Substitution - that is, switching from one finger to or from another, or from an open string, whilst staying on the same note - requires enormous accuracy! To arrive at exactly the same pitch as you departed from, you'll need to be absolutely on target...!
As you cross strings, take a quantum leap into another position! Depart from an open string, then arrive on a stopped note... which could be as high as 6th position!
See how exact you can keep your pitch as you bounce backwards and forwards between open strings and stopped notes... try to make them sound as similar as possible, even as you move up towards 4th position!
Play an interval on one string, and then play the same notes in a different place on the violin, by moving to a different string and a different position... But be careful, Copycat... you need to aim for exactly the same pitch, wherever you climb!
Let's play an interval pattern, and then repeat it in a higher octave. Listen carefully to the difference in sound!
Ready for a close encounter? Experience every possible semitone in the 1st position as you practise playing semitones using the same finger for each note.

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