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Staccato Spritzer!


Staccato Spritzer! is not just a great study for practising staccato strokes, it’s also a delightful piece of music … with a very cheeky ending! Hone your ability to play staccato eighth notes (quavers) and staccato quarter notes (crotchets), all the while negotiating single, double and triple string crossings! Top tip: keeping your bow as […]

Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace is surely one of the most popular melodies on earth … especially in America! In this ViolinSchool partition we’ve got the main version of the melody at the top of the page, then another version that’s been slightly embellished. Embellishing a melody is like putting ornaments on the mantlepiece, decorating it and elaborating on […]

How to Prepare for a Webcam Violin Lesson


The increasing speed of broadband internet has transformed private tutoring, and learners are now able to connect with teachers all around the world. Real-time lessons via the internet are possible using a webcam and a piece of videoconferencing software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Apple Facetime, to name a few. Although there are some aspects of musical instrument coaching that […]

Musical Note Values: Basic ‘Rhythm Names’


When you’re first starting to read music, you’ll quickly come across different types of notes. The rhythm of each note is represented by the SHAPE of the note-head and the stem. This PDF shows some of the most common note values that you’ll see. The words on the right of each note represent the rhythm names for each note. The exact timing of notes will depend […]

Frolic in G


Frolic is a lovely new piece of music written exclusively for ViolinSchool! Get your fingers warmed up with some G major scales and arpeggios, then try playing the piece through with lots of energy and a nice, lilting feel to the phrasing. Think of some little lambs gambolling in the countryside! Watch out for the ‘ritardando’ (gradually slowing down) in bars 15 and 16; you’ll need […]

Vegan Violin Playing


If you’re a vegan, can you keep to your principles as a committed violin player? If you’re conscious of your impact on the environment, could violin playing be a problem? Information about food production, sustainability, recycling and issues such as deforestation is commonly available, sought out by many of us to enable informed choices. Many people choose a vegetarian […]