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Summer 2017 Webcast & Concert featuring The Violin Orchestra


We’re pleased to announce that ViolinSchool’s annual Summer Webcast will take place live from London at 2pm (London time) on Saturday 1st July. The Violin Orchestra will be performing at Whitefield’s Tabernacle on Tottenham Court Road, in the main hall of the American Church in London. The concert will feature a selection of solo performances by members […]

Two Finger Scales


Our awesome Two Finger Scales provide a serious workout for your left hand! Each of these super-shifting-scales will help you get your left hand moving smoothly between different positions – in the key of your choice. The 3rd and 4th fingers of the left hand benefit particularly strongly… once you get the muscles moving, you’ll feel […]

The Practice Menu


One of the most important skills any violinist can have is knowing how to practise! This one single skill can transform your progress, because if you always know how to improve then you’ll always be getting better and better! A big part of knowing how to practice is being able to create a useful structure for each practice session that […]

Staccato Spritzer!


Staccato Spritzer! is not just a great study for practising staccato strokes, it’s also a delightful piece of music … with a very cheeky ending! Hone your ability to play staccato eighth notes (quavers) and staccato quarter notes (crotchets), all the while negotiating single, double and triple string crossings! Top tip: keeping your bow as […]

Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace is surely one of the most popular melodies on earth … especially in America! In this ViolinSchool partition we’ve got the main version of the melody at the top of the page, then another version that’s been slightly embellished. Embellishing a melody is like putting ornaments on the mantlepiece, decorating it and elaborating on […]