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This impassioned, lyrical piece is a classic of the violin repertoire. You can play it entirely in 1st position, so it’s a great choice for your first Violin Concerto!
The Easy Winners is one of Scott Joplin’s most popular piano rags. The title refers to athletes who can win a sporting event with no trouble at all! Easy-peasy!
This rambunctious Gopak - a spectacular, high-leaping Ukrainian dance - is from Modest Mussorgsky’s comic opera The Fair at Sorochyntsi, composed between 1874 and 1880.
Give yourself a second chance and play this lovely, lilting piece entirely in 2nd position! See how many second chances you need before it’s absolutely perfect!
Who would’ve thought doing laundry could be so much fun! This traditional tune is a vivacious jig that you can dance to whilst you wait for your socks to dry!
Ready, Steady, Go! Gallop up and down the dominant 7th. Watch out for the arrows showing the finger placements. Sometimes you need to jump, sometimes you need to duck!
This lilting lament is a lovely duet for two violins … it’s also great for practising string crossings, producing syncopated rhythms, and playing in 3rd position!
You will need to be very good indeed at double crossing to play Double Crossed! If you hit the string in the middle, you may be exposed as a double agent!
Don’t be at cross purposes when it comes to crossing strings! You’ll need to agree on the what, where, when and how to move seamlessly from one string to the next!
There are lots of zebra crossings in this piece, helping you to move from one string the next. Make sure you know where they are and always cross at the zebra crossing!

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