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A ‘Bransle’ is a type of Renaissance dance popular in the early 16th century … lots of dancers, in a line or circle, usually holding hands, having a merry old time!
This famous Viennese Waltz by Johann Strauss II was inspired by the river Danube, one of the longest rivers in Europe.
Largo' is the opening aria from the 1738 opera, Serse, by Handel. It's sung by Xerxes I of Persia as he admires the lovely, sweet shade of a plane tree!
This rousing melody by Henry Purcell was written to accompany the dramatic and tragic late 17th century play, Abdelazer. You'll need agile fingers to play this one!
This famous sea shanty from the 1800s tells the story of sailors hunting wales near New Zealand. Here's an exclusive ViolinSchool / Violin Orchestra version!
This vivacious Allegro in D by Handel is full of triumphant arpeggios, rip-roaring scales and sprightly staccato bowing … guaranteed to give you a spring in your step!
With plenty of scale and arpeggio patterns, Harry Schloming’s Study No. 1 in C major is quite the workout …. a great way to get in shape, and to stay in shape!
It's study time! This étude by the German virtuoso violinist and composer, Ferdinand David, will really strengthen your separate bowing technique and coordination.
Johann Vierdank was a German violinist, cornettist and composer of the early 1600s. His Capriccio I features some delightfully imitative interplay between the 2 parts.

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