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Album Leaf

Album Leaf is one of Grieg’s Lyric Pieces, a collection of 66 short piano pieces - lovely little mood-pictures. This cheeky dance is No. 7 from the first set, Op. 12

Étude No. 3, Op.44 - Ferdinand David

This is an excellent study for practising dotted rhythms, because pretty much the entire thing is made up of dotted rhythms! Make sure to keep them super snappy!

Audacious Arpeggios

These arpeggios are audacious indeed as they move between different major and minor keys. Keep the string crossings nice and smooth and watch out for the accidentals!

Ode to Joy

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote the uplifting 'Ode to Joy' melody as the main theme for the final, majestic movement of his 9th Symphony, for full choir and orchestra.

de Bériot - Duo No. 2

This lilting, lugubrious adagio in A minor is the second of de Bériot's 12 Petits Duos. The smooth, soulful tune sings above an unsettled, undulating accompaniment.

Shifting Perspectives

Shift up and down with the first finger - from 1st through to 4th position - to get a new, and hopefully nice and clear, perspective on things!

To The Greenwood

This delightful traditional song in the key of C, often known as 'Come Follow Me', can be played as a round, with each player starting at a different time.

Scale Drills - G, A, B, C, D major

Drill those scales with these punishing exercises! Get the metronome going and then lift and drop the fingers with energy and precision of timing and tuning.

C Major 1 Octave

Here's the scale of C Major in one octave. Listen, sing, then play along with the track until you know the pattern from memory!

The Water is Wide

Up the bank, doun the brae, and yon burn-side we gae, where the Water is Wide! Also known as ‘O Waly, Waly’, this is a lovely, yearning folk song that originates from Scotland.

Ancelotti - Bizzarrie No. 5

This oddity by Ancelotti is a fantastic string crossing workout that can’t seem to decide whether it’s in D major or minor! Don’t get caught out by the accidentals!

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