ViolinSchool Membership (Full, One Term)


Premium ViolinSchool Membership. Includes:

  • Full Online Access to 1 Course*
  • Online Video Lessons
  • 1 Free Video Review per Course
  • Full access to all learning resources via the Digital Library
  • Unlimited downloads and prints of any ViolinSchool learning resources
  • Unlimited use of the ViolinSchool digital player
  • Full access to the ViolinSchool Community
  • Member rates for all Classes and Courses
  • Access to any Courses that you have previously completed

(*As you complete each course, you will gain access to the following levels at no extra cost. Your account will begin with access to Fundamentals and Course A.

If you already play and would like to start at a higher level, contact after you register, to request access to the higher level courses.)


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