5 Minute Workouts

5 Minute Workouts

We’re pleased to introduce an all-new feature on ViolinSchool.com – Five Minute Workouts!

These great little exercises came about when one of our London learners kept running out of practice time each week because his crazy-busy job in the City of London meant that he barely had any time to practice each day!

He tried to cram in all his practice at the weekend, but it wasn’t really working… it’s always better to practice ‘little and often’ rather than in one big chunk. That way you’ll remember what you learn much more easily – and you’ll be able to build habits more quickly and effectively. So instead, we persuaded him to put aside 5 minutes a day for his practice – literally, just 5 minutes!

To make things as easy as possible, we created a series of ‘5 minute workouts’ so that he didn’t have to think about what to practice. Each day, he’d take one of these workouts, and practice it slowly and carefully, either until he got to the end… or until 5 minutes were up!

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Each Workout covers a different skill – different finger patterns, bowing patterns, rhythms, keys, techniques and so on.

Every time you practise, ‘loop’ each line for about a minute, making it a little bit better each time you repeat it. First of all, play the exercise really slowly, and then gradually speed it up. Try each Workout at different dynamics too.

Whatever you do, always aim to play musically and with a beautiful sound. Have a great workout!

Click here to see all the Workouts! >>


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