A Fantastic Weekend with Christian Howes!

A Fantastic Weekend with Christian Howes!

We were really excited to welcome the brilliant jazz violinist Christian Howes for the very first in our new series ViolinSchool Presents…, in which we’ll be welcoming star violinists to share their expertise with ViolinSchool learners. Christian was delighted to round off his European tour by spending several days with ViolinSchool learners before returning back home to America.

Creative Improvisation Workshop with Christian HowesCreative Improvisation Workshop with Christian Howes

Over the course of the weekend, players of all experience levels had the opportunity to work with Christian. Everyone was thrilled by the sessions, and they relished the opportunity to work on their violin skills with such a talented artist. The residency ended with Christian Howes giving a brilliant concert for everyone to enjoy, followed by many pints!

Advanced and pro players’ session with Christian Howes

The whole weekend was a great success, and many people have already asked when he will be coming back again to Europe… we’re already discussing future plans, so watch this space! In the meantime, we urge those who missed the weekend to discover Christian’s work by checking out his videos on his website: http://christianhowes.com/performance/videos/

Christian Howes coaching ViolinSchool’s Director, Simon Hewitt Jones!

We look forward to inviting more top calibre violinists to ViolinSchool Presents… and sharing their knowledge with ViolinSchool learners!


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