Audacious Arpeggios!

Updated: February 2, 2022

Audacious Arpeggios!

This exercise moves between different major and minor arpeggio patterns.

It will help to make your string crossings smooth and well-coordinated, and to increase the accuracy of your finger placements when playing accidentals.

First, we're going to play the pattern slowly, starting on G.

Try to use a consistent amount of bow for each 3-note stroke. If it's hard to get your fingers and bow coordinated straight away, try it separate bows first.

Remember to anticipate the string crossings, by thinking ahead and planning your arm movement in advance. This will prevent any unwanted, sudden movements, which might destabilise your bow control.

Once you have played through the whole exercise starting on G try it starting on A and B as well. Once you are playing each note in time and in tune, and your bowing is efficient and effective, then try speeding the exercise up to a higher tempo.


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