A big Upgrade to ViolinSchool – Online Courses, Live Lessons & Online Community

A big Upgrade to ViolinSchool – Online Courses, Live Lessons & Online Community

Following a major upgrade on 5th November, we’re rolling out our long-awaited Online Courses between now and the end of the end of the year.

Our new Online Community is now available for members once you’ve logged in, and our program of Live Online Classes begins from 7th November.

Our twice-annual Violin Orchestra project is underway… this Christmas, you’ll be able to take part ‘virtually’ by sending in your recordings from wherever you are!

Or if you’re in the UK, join us in London on 10th December for our live webcast!

If you’re new to ViolinSchool, start with our New Learner Questionnaire which will show you where to begin learning!

Or just have a browse of our site – there’s loads to enjoy in our blog and online magazine, and in our sheet music library.

If you’ve got any question or need help learning the violin, then get in contact with our Learner Support team anytime! We’re here 7 days a week to help you learn:

[email protected] 


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