Coconut Milk (Level 1) - New MIDI Playback & Updated Sheet Music

Updated: February 11, 2019

Coconut Milk (Level 1) - New MIDI Playback & Updated Sheet Music

Mm-mmmm ... make your bowing and your string crossings smooth and creamy in this delicious, nutritious piece in ¾ time. No jerky arm movements! Glug glug …

In this NEW version of the piece, we've added lots of slurs, so that you can practise smooooooth string crossings back and forth between the different strings.

Keep your upper arm moving steadily as you move it up and down between the string levels. Don't forget to anticipate each string crossing, and start your upper arm early enough that you have plenty of time to reach the string you're moving to. No sudden landings!

We've also added a new MIDI playback, so you can practise playing the piece whilst listening to the music.

Play and Download it from the ViolinSchool Library:

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