Courses A, B, C & D

Courses A, B, C & D

Once you’ve completed Violin Fundamentals, you’ll know the principles of how to play in time, in tune, with a good sound.

Now it’s time to master those skills!

Our carefully graded sequence of courses takes you smoothly from beginner to intermediate level, consolidating your skills through activity-based tasks, technical instruction, and fun repertoire (pieces of music).

Course A introduces the G, D and A major patterns, and gets you playing well-known classic tunes like Frère Jacques and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Course B helps you achieve confidence and fluency across all the skills you’ve learnt so far, and introduces C major and 2-octave scales in G, as well as tunes such as Ode to Joy, Happy Birthday, and other longer pieces of music.

Course C and D build up your technical skills across a wide range of topics, from vibrato to minor scales to shifting to bow strokes … and much, much more!

You can register for a course at any time, directly online here:

Once you’ve completed Course D, you’ll be ready to expand your repertoire and technical skills through our multi-level Technique & Repertoire classes, which offer guided practice for all ages and levels.

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