Finger Pattern 1

Updated: June 3, 2020

Finger Pattern 1

Using your fingers to place the notes on the violin can seem daunting at first ... after all, the violin doesn't have any frets, like the guitar does!

So how do you learn where to place your fingers?

One of the easiest and quickest ways to learn how to get the right notes is by learning Finger Patterns.

Once you know which note pattern you're using (the key signature tells you this!), then you'll be able to work out which hand shape you need to get the fingers falling in the right place!

Finger Pattern 1 is the first hand shape that violinists usually learn, because it works for the easy-to-learn keys of G Major, D Major and A Major. It looks like this:

Check out this video about Finger Pattern 1 on ViolinSchool's YouTube channel:

If you're a member of ViolinSchool, you can find the lesson about Finger Pattern 1 at the beginning of Course B. Click here to download and print a diagram, then practise the exercises until your hand shape is secure!


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