Live Schedule (17th-22nd January 2022)

Updated: January 17, 2022

Live Schedule (17th-22nd January 2022)

This is Week 2 of the New Year Term! Our new Tuesday Course A starts this week, at 7pm UTC.

  • All times are UTC (currently the same as London time)
    - convert to your time zone here
  • Saturday classes are live in London - email us if you'd like to visit in person!

Tuesday 18th January

  • 9.30pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Simon (30min+)
  • 7pm UTC - Violin Course A with Simon (90min)
    Modules A1 & A2

Wednesday 19th January

  • 4pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Marisol
  • 7pm UTC - Violin Fundamentals 1 with Simon
    Posture, How To Hold the Violin and Bow, How to Make a Sound

  • 8pm UTC - Violin Fundamentals 2 with Simon
    Bowing Technique, Making a Beautiful Sound, Changing the Sound

Thursday 20th January

  • 4.30pm UTC - Children's Course B Practice Session (30min)
    Singing, Pitch and Finger Placements
  • 5pm UTC - Music Fundamentals (1hr)
    Rhythm, Pitch, and How To Read Music Notation
  • 6pm UTC - Level 1 [Course A & B] Practice Session (1hr)
    G, D, A, C Scales, Finger Placements, Intonation, Repertoire
  • 7.30pm UTC - Level 2 [Course C & D] Practice Session (1hr)
    Bb, F, A Scales, Workouts, Repertoire
  • 9pm UTC - Ensembles Playthrough (1hr)
    Repertoire TBC

Friday 21st January

  • 2pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Caroline
    We are sorry that this Clinic is cancelled today - this session will now start next week (Week 3). Thank you for your understanding!

Saturday 22nd January - Live from London

  • 9am UTC - Adult Course A Instructional class (90min)
    Modules A2 & A3
  • 10.30am UTC - Adult Course B Instructional class (90min)
    Modules B2 & B3
  • 10.30am UTC - Children's Course A Instructional class (45min)
    Modules tbc
  • 11.15am UTC - Children's Course B Instructional class (45min)
    Modules tbc
  • 12.30pm UTC - Adult Course C Instructional class (90min)
    Modules tbc
  • 12.30pm UTC - Workshop - To Be Confirmed* (90min)
  • 2.15pm UTC - Adult Course D Instructional class (90min)
    Modules tbc
  • 2.15pm UTC - Workshop - To Be Confirmed* (90min)
  • 4.15pm UTC - Ensembles (90min)
    Repertoire tbc
  • 7pm UTC - Fiddle Jam Session - Live from the Grosvenor* (60min+)
    To include: Jack Ryan's Polka, The Water is Wide, Turkey in the Straw
    With Simon (violin) and Marisol (guitar). Everyone welcome - bring violins!

*We will introduce new workshops and events gradually over the next few weeks, as we wait for venue access and other issues to be resolved. Please bear with us!

In the UK? Come and enjoy our new live music series in London:


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