Week 4: Live Schedule (30th January-5th February 2022)

Updated: January 31, 2022

Week 4: Live Schedule (30th January-5th February 2022)

Welcome to Week 4 of the New Year Term! Check back from Tuesday for links to class content.

  • All times are UTC (currently the same as London time)
    - convert to your time zone here
  • Saturday classes are live in London - email us if you'd like to visit in person!
  • Class content is representative and always subject to change.

Tuesday 1st February

  • 7pm UTC - Violin Course A with Simon (90min)
    Modules A3 & A4
  • 9.30pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Simon (30min+)

Wednesday 2nd February

  • 4pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Marisol
  • No Fundamentals classes today due to filming - will run next week 9th Feb
    (or join tomorrow Thursday 3rd on Zoom @5pm UTC)

Thursday 3rd February

Friday 4th February

  • 2pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Caroline

Saturday 5th February - Live from London

  • 9am UTC - Adult Course A Instructional class (90min)
    2nd & 3rd Finger Notes, The D Major Scale, The A Major Scale, The G Major Scale, Singing Scales and Intervals, String Crossings, Whole Bows, Gesture and Group Playing, Listening and Watching, Conker Fight, Frère Jacques, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ready Steady Play, Do as I do follow me
  • 10.30am UTC - Adult Course B Instructional class (90min)
    Syncopation, Harmonics, The Trill, Whole Bows, Rhythm Bank 13, Find the Harmonic, Trill Exercises, Strong Iguanodon, Dizzy Lizzy, Fly High Pterodactyl, Gussie's Lullaby, Lightly Row (Little Bird), Bells are Ringing
  • 10.30am UTC - Children's Course A Instructional class (45min)
  • Topics to be confirmed
  • 11.15am UTC - Children's Course B Instructional class (45min)
    Topics to be confirmed
  • 12.30pm UTC - Adult Course C Instructional class (90min)
    Chromatics, Chromatic Scales, Chromatic Scales - D, A, G, Chromatics on One String, Acrobatic Chromatics, Aerobatic Chromatics, Democratic Chromatics, Poor Old Battered Broomstick, Melted Mouse and Roasted Rat, To The Greenwood, Cradle Song
  • 12.30pm UTC - *early afternoon Workshops will start after half term
  • 2.15pm UTC - Adult Course D Instructional class (90min)
    Bb major, Eb major, Excursions in E-flat major, The Bureau of B-flat major, Brother, Come And Dance With Me, Swanee River, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
  • 3pm UTC - Workshop TBC* (60min)
     To include: Mazas Duet No.1, Mazas Duet No.2, Müller - Duo No. 1, Morris Dance - Honeyman
  • 4.15pm UTC - Ensembles (90min)
    New: Galop by Carl Bohm. Playthrough (if time): Marche Militaire, Chant de Veslemøy, An Elven Adventure
  • 7pm UTC - Jam Session - Live at the Grosvenor* (60min+)
    To include: Mazas Duets No.1, Mazas Duet No.2, Müller - Duo No. 1, Morris Dance - Honeyman
    Everyone welcome - bring violins!

*We will introduce new workshops and events gradually over the next few weeks

In the UK? Come and enjoy our new live music series in London!

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