Live Schedule (6-11th Dec)

Updated: December 7, 2021

Live Schedule (6-11th Dec)

Hello everyone!

We're trying something new this week, in preparation for some big changes that you'll see coming to ViolinSchool in the New Year.

Here's the live schedule for this week's classes and events. If you're enrolled at ViolinSchool, you can log on anytime using the December Zoom link! If not, contact [email protected] to request a week's trial!

The live schedule below uses Universal Time (UTC) - which is the same as London time during the winter months. Hopefully this should provide more clarity when scheduling across timezones!

Wednesday 8th December

NEW! - Violin Clinic - one-to-one work in a group setting
Like a violin lesson / personal coaching, but we make it relevant to everyone. Log on and request a slot in the chat, we'll work with you one-to-one in the order you arrive at class!If you're in Level 1 (Course A/B), please try and come by before 8.30pm - later hours will focused on higher experience levels
All times UTC/London
with Marisol
8pm until late with Simon
Arrive by 10.30pm UTC/London - everyone will get at least 10 minutes of 121 help, more if you need it! We will go on for as long as needed with this session 🙂

Thursday 9th December

Practice Session - concert preparation (with Simon)

4.30pm Children's Course B
5pm Level 1 / Course A
6pm Level 1-2 / Course B & C
7pm Christmas Music! (starting with JINGLE BELLS)
8pm - Course D runthrough (approx 20min) followed by Ensembles
end time 9pm UTC/London approx.
Simon will also be available after 9pm for any 121 support and help needed, just make a request in the chat, before the end of the ensembles session!

Friday 10th December

1pm How to Get Started with the Violin
with Marisol Hillier
Everything anyone needs to know before starting to play the violin for the first time.
2pm CLINIC: How to Tune a Violin
with Marisol Hillier
How to tune the violin with the pegs and the fine tuners.
BRING YOUR VIOLIN! Marisol will work individually with everyone who needs help tuning their instruments, and sorting out slippery pegs or broken strings! (first come, first served)

Saturday 11th December

Live from London and Zoom
Livestream on ViolinSchool's YouTube channel - watch live at 5pm UTC (11am ET) at Fiddle session - we'll be running a christmas fiddle session in London starting at 7pm UTC ... if you'd like to join via an informal Zoom link, let us know!.... 


Next term we intend to you canublish weekly schedules alongside a new online 'live classroom'.

The program will start to include a wider variety of classes/timezones, more Clinics for 121 work, and guest tutors (including guest presenters coming on Saturdays to the ViolinHub sessions).

Enrolment is now open for January 2022! If you're not already a member of ViolinSchool, you can join us for a week to see how everything works - email [email protected] to request a free trial of our classes and tuition!
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