New Year - A Great Time To Start Playing The Violin!

Updated: January 4, 2022

New Year - A Great Time To Start Playing The Violin!

It's 2022! And the New Year is a perfect excuse to bring a new habit into your life ... in fact, did you know that January is the second most common time of the year for people to start learning the violin!

Maybe it's time for you to start, too? Or if you're already learning, time to join a school and take your playing to the next level?

To help you get started, we are - until 17th January - offering a HALF PRICE trial month for all new learners, so that you can try out everything that ViolinSchool has to offer!

If you already play, take a look at our new weekly program of live training - everything can be accessed live via Zoom from whenever you are (or you can visit us in London, England on Wednesdays or Saturdays!)

If you're thinking of starting to play but don't have a violin yet, then our free How To Get Started With The Violin class is the best place for you to start! We'll be running this session live on Zoom on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, 5th January at 4pm UTC - How To Get Started
  • Wednesday, 5th January at 5pm UTC - How To Tune The Violin

... or you can get started now using the free self-paced online course ... just log in and start learning!

If you do have a violin but haven't yet started to play, or if you're restarting the violin or have learnt a bit yourself already using the internet but want to take your playing to the next level, then we recommend starting with our Fundamentals classes! We'll be running these sessions live on Zoom on the following dates:

  • Thursday, 6th January at 4pm UTC - Violin Fundamentals 1
  • Thursday, 6th January at 5pm UTC - Violin Fundamentals 2

You can read all about the Violin Fundamentals here:

(and the in-person version at our London school you can read about here!)

About 'Violin Fundamentals'

Most people start with our renowned program of 'Fundamentals' classes, which have helped thousands of violinists to get started, restart, or troubleshoot core technique over the past 10 years!
These live classes include:

  • How to Get Started
  • How to Tune the Violin
  • Violin Fundamentals 1
  • Violin Fundamentals 2
  • Music Fundamentals

You can read more about the Violin Fundamentals 1 and 2 classes here:


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