Pachelbel’s Canon: A Video Visualisation

Pachelbel’s Canon: A Video Visualisation

Check out this classic visualisation of Pachelbel’s Canon (Thanks to VS Learner Inez for sending this in!)… the movement of the staves in real time on the video give you a really clear sense of how the music repeats itself – check out that ground bass (not the most exciting part ever for a cello, but … hey, the violin parts are great!)


This kind of music is known as a canon … you hear the same music being played at different times in different voices.

Knowing which voice does what (and when) isn’t just for composers, but it’s  a crucial skill for improvisers too! Check out the work that ViolinSchool is doing with Christian Howes at the moment, in the Creative Strings Workshops. We use Pachelbel’s Canon as the framework for all sorts of delicious improvisations!

Find out more about how Christian uses  or check out his upcoming events in Canada, the USA, and Switzerland… as well as here in London!


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