Ragtime (Multi-Level) - performed by the Carducci Quartet

Updated: June 15, 2020

Ragtime (Multi-Level) - performed by the Carducci Quartet

Did you know, we now have a growing selection of multi-level ensemble repertoire for string instruments?

These scores - which will include the entire back catalogue of string music from our publishing house, Musicland Publications - allow string players of different experience levels to play together!

One of our all-time favourites is Ragtime, Serenade and Rumba by Anita Hewitt Jones ... and we're delighted to introduce the very first video recording for ViolinSchool by the wonderful ... Carducci Quartet!

Matthew (violin), Michelle (violin), Eoin (viola) and Emma (cello) have recorded Ragtime so that you can learn the music too, by playing along ... take a listen here!

ViolinSchool members can download the score and parts, and practice the music whilst following along with the score on the digital music player. You can even mail order a printed copy of the music too!

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